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    Salvage Materials for Sale

    We’re partnering with more and more companies around the country to buy their salvage materials and make them available to our valued customers. We’re dedicated to repurposing items that still have useful applications in their second life. And since you’re here, maybe you are too. Explore our wide variety of salvage materials for sale, and it won’t be long before your gears start turning and imagining all the cool possibilities for putting them to use.

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    Examples of our Inventory
    Here are just a few of the types of salvage materials that we have for sale now:

    From Original Purpose to Repurposed
    Salvage materials are often in good enough condition to be reused for their original purpose. Or with a little bit of ingenuity, they can be repurposed in so many interesting and creative ways. The possibilities truly are endless. Here are just a few ideas:

    • Concrete barriers can find new life as retaining walls.
    • Wine barrels can be used as décor or furniture.
    • Billboard vinyl can be used as waterproof tarps to cover hay, boats, cars and more.
    • Steel pipe from construction surplus can be used for fences, flagpoles and countless other things.

    More Where That Came From
    Our inventory of salvage materials is continually changing. We get new items into our stock every week. So, if we don’t have something you’re looking for, make sure to check back often. With four different warehouse locations around the country, chances are, you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for. Call 1-877-282-USED for questions, quotes on shipping, and information about larger orders.

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    Repurposed is our purpose. Our mission is to save perfectly good, useful materials from landfills while helping resourceful people like you save money. Explore our vast inventory and find the perfect salvage materials for your next project.