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Bowling Alley Wood

This is USED bowling alley wood and it is available in various sizes and designs. These pieces were once the main part of the bowling lane at your local bowling alley. Designs include a single line of dots with no arrows, plain design, dots design, arrow design, or tongue and groove design . The sections are made of beautiful thick maple wood. The wood itself is roughly 2.25 inches thick. We are selling the boards in pre-cut pieces or there are full lane options available. Own a piece of this iconic American pastime! The wood still has it’s fantastic wood grain and has lots of life left in it.
Product Name
Maple | 144 lbs Each | Located in DENVER
Maple | 194 lbs. Each | Located in ATLANTA
Maple | 205 lbs. Each | Located in ATLANTA
Maple | 300 lbs. Each | Located in Philadelphia
Maple | 230 lbs. Each | Located in ATLANTA
Maple | 231 lbs. Each | Located in ATLANTA
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