Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Ideas

Whether you’re preparing a house for sale or upgrading your home to better suit your style, the right décor can make all the difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. One of the hottest interior design trends in kitchens right now is using reclaimed wood to bring a beautiful, hand-crafted flair to your culinary space. Here are some creative reclaimed wood kitchen ideas for your next DIY project!

Source Matters

A lot of big box stores and wood product manufacturers try to simulate the aged and worn look of reclaimed wood. But by definition, you can’t fake authentic. Older wood reclaimed from barns, fences, pallets, and floors can bring a level of character and originality that’s hard to replicate with newer wood. Plus, it has a much more interesting story behind it when you know exactly where it came from.

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Accent Walls

Accent walls are a popular choice for adding a reclaimed wood patina to any room in the house, but kitchens can be an especially captivating place to try it. Find a smaller wall or nook and cover it with reclaimed barn wood, pallet wood, or even old hardwood floorboards. You’ll love how such a simple touch can totally transform the room!


Once you add a reclaimed wood back splash to your kitchen, your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off it. And neither will you when you’re doing dishes or preparing dinner.

Center Islands

When you wrap your center island in stunning reclaimed boards, it can become the focal point of your kitchen. Your unique island can also serve as a great gathering space where family and friends can come together to eat, cook and make memories.


Kitchen cabinets can really set the tone for the room. They’re often one of the first things that catch your eye when you walk into the kitchen. When they’re made using beautiful reclaimed wood, it simply takes the room’s authenticity-factor to another level.

Kitchen Barn Doors

Instead of using an ordinary pantry door, if you have the space, consider adding a sliding barn door. This can bring a rustic farmhouse-inspired look that you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Open Shelving

For years, people have hidden tableware, dishes and pots away in dark cupboards. To add a rustic feel that totally opens up the room, try adding open shelving that features beautiful reclaimed wood boards resting on simple, metal wall brackets.


Instead of the same old granite counter tops, why not try something that goes against the status quo?  Get a set of reclaimed wood boards and transform them into a stunning countertop that’s oozing with character and country charm.

Kitchen Dining Table

After you cook up a culinary masterpiece on your wood countertop, sit down to enjoy it at a reclaimed wood dining table that gives the room a distinctive farmhouse vibe.

Bar Top Table

As an alternative to a dining table, you could also create a higher profile bar top table that extends off your center island. Try using reclaimed timbers for the legs and reclaimed butcher block for the tabletop.

Beams, Doorways and Archways

Reclaimed wood accents wrapped around support beams or lining doorways and archways can bring a whole new ambiance to an otherwise ordinary kitchen. Flatter boards like barn or pallet wood can be used to wrap beams, while larger timbers and glulam beams can be ideal for doorways and archways.

Reclaimed Timber Ceiling Lamps

Aged, weather-worn reclaimed timbers from sources like barns and guardrails can be ideal for creating farmhouse ceiling lamps. Wire it with antique fixtures that give it a vintage look. Then suspend it from some weathered chains, a rustic pulley or even some thick rope.

Wine Racks

Wine is always a good complement to a great meal. But with a reclaimed wood wine rack, it can be great décor accessory too. Check out Pinterest for some great design inspiration.

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