Construction Industry

Steel I-Beam

Used Steel I-beams can be reused as is or “repurposed” into a unique coffee table or light fixture.


Used or Surplus Insulation can be “repurposed” for your tiny house or van build!

Steel Octagon Tubing

These unused and surplus Steel Octagon Tubing are great for reinforcing fencing, other infrastructure projects and more! 

Plastic Press Boards

These Plastic Press Boards would be great “repurposed” as hot tub underlayment, retaining walls, animal pens and much more! 

Wood Timbers

Wood Timbers are versatile & functional for many different “repurposes“. Wood Timbers would be great for making furniture, unique light fixtures, fencing, decking, bridges & much more! 

Collapsible Bladders

These Surplus Collapsible Fuel Tanks would make great cofferdams for underwater construction & even better water or fuel storage.

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