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    How to Dispose of Wood

    If you have wood or lumber left over from a building or dismantling project, you have several options for getting rid of it. Wood is a useful material with a vast number of applications. And, with the price of lumber at an all-time high, unused and scrap lumber is in high demand. In fact, chances are, one of the best ways to “dispose” of your wood is to give it away or even sell it to someone who’s looking for some. Here are five ways to dispose of wood.

    Sell Your Wood

    If you have a large number of new or used boards that are in relatively good condition, you can likely find someone who will buy it from you. Even if you just have smaller amounts of scrap wood, as long as it’s not cracked or broken, wood is an expensive commodity that’s highly sought-after.

    At repurposedMATERIALS, we buy and sell reclaimed materials. We may be interested in purchasing your wood from you, especially if you have larger quantities of boards that are in good condition. Contact us to find out more.

    Donate Your Wood

    Giving away your wood to a local school is another good option. Call a local high school or technical school and see if they have a woodshop that will take it. Odds are, their tight budgets make purchasing new lumber a challenge, so they might gladly take it off your hands. There are many charities that might accept your wood too. Check your local materials exchange program and see if there’s an organization that is in need of it.

    Repurpose It

    Think of all the things in this world that can be made with wood. The list includes everything from buildings to toys to bowls and tables. When you think of it that way, maybe the best way to dispose of your wood is to turn it into something new. You’ll feel good knowing you kept the wood out of a landfill and spared the use of more trees for new lumber. Here are several repurposing ideas for your wood:

    • Furniture. There a million and one ways to make great furniture from wood.
    • Treehouses. Have some quality time with the kids and take on a building project together.
    • Deer hunting stands. Scrap wood makes perfect tree stands for hunting.
    • Shelves. Put up some handy utility shelves in your garage.
    • Arts and crafts. Get some ideas from Pinterest and get creative.
    • Storage sheds. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Just useful.
    • Accent walls. Turn some old weathered boards into a beautiful focal point in your home.
    • Birdhouses. Keep your yard wildlife-friendly by adding a couple bird houses.
    • Planter boxes. Create some stunning flower boxes around the exterior of your home.

    Throw it in Your Trash

    Admittedly, not all wood is fit for repurposing. If it came from a demolition project, it may be cracked, broken or even rotten. In that case, it might ultimately be headed for a landfill. If you only have a few boards, you may be able to place it in your regular curbside trash. Check with your waste removal company to see what their regulations and requirements are.

    Rent a Dumpster

    If you have a large amount of wood that’s not in good condition, then renting a dumpster might be a good solution. They’ll deliver it, you’ll fill it up, and they’ll haul it away for you. Although this can be expensive, it’s a good no-hassle way to dispose of wood.