5 Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Reclaimed wood is all the rage in the DIY space these days. And for good reason. It can bring a level of beauty and authenticity to your DIY projects that’s hard to match with new store-bought lumber. One of the most popular interior design uses for reclaimed wood is in accent wall projects. Accent walls are a great way to bring simple design flair and texture to your space.

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Accent Wall Design Considerations

In larger, more sterile spaces, reclaimed wood accent walls work particularly well for adding visual warmth and character. They can also balance out more modern spaces by bringing in a vintage touch.

Rather than using them everywhere and overpowering a room, by definition, accent walls should be used sparingly as a design element that highlights certain areas or objects. In a bedroom, you might consider using an accent wall to call attention to a bed. In a bathroom, you might opt to place reclaimed wood on the wall behind the vanity and mirror to draw attention to them. It also works well in recessed nooks where benches and shelves are often placed. The possibilities are endless. Let’s look at five ideas for reclaimed wood accent walls!

Pallet Wood Accent Wall

Creating a stunning accent wall out of reclaimed wood pallets is easy. For starters, pallets are everywhere so they’re easy to source. Any business that does any amount of shipping and receiving likely has pallets that they’ll gladly give away or sell for a very reasonable price. Once sourced, you simply deconstruct them back into individual boards and do some light sanding and staining. Before long, you’re ready to hang them. The best part is, the more distressed, mismatched and varied the boards are, the more character they’ll bring to your accent wall.

Bowling Alley or Gym Floor Wood Accent Wall

Reincarnate a floor as a wall. Beautiful reclaimed hardwood floors from bowling alleys and gymnasiums can make great accent walls, making a great statement that any sports enthusiast can enjoy.

Sand them down to their original wood beauty. Or leave them as they are, complete with their original painted arrows, lines and markings. This will add quirky charm that’s sure to make your accent wall a conversation piece at every dinner party.

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Barn Wood

Barn wood is distressed to impress. Old dilapidated barns dot the landscape across America. The wood used to build them can be upwards of a century old or more. In many cases, barn wood comes from old growth forests and has a tighter grain to it that makes its aged beauty impossible to replicate with newer wood. You can either source the wood direct from farms or buy it from dealers and collectors who resell it. Sanded and stained or left to its aged and worn appearance, it’s hard to beat the striking beauty and authenticity of an accent wall made from barn wood.

Snow Fence Wood

Snow fences are used in the Western US in wide open areas like ranches and farms to prevent snow from drifting onto roads. Similar to barn wood in quality and character, they’ve been aged by nature for decades in harsh winter winds. This creates a truly one-of-a-kind look that can add rustic charm to any space. Once reclaimed, they’re an ideal material to hang for your accent wall.

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Wood Blocks

Thick wood blocks are a less common material used in accent walls, but they can allow you to create something that’s truly original in appearance. One creative approach is to get some used timbers and cut short, varying lengths off of each one. For example, one cutting might be 2.5 inches, then 3 inches, then 3.5” etc. You can then stagger the thickness of each piece to create a beautiful rustic mosaic wall.

Reclaimed guardrail timbers make an ideal material for this project, because they’ve been aged and worn in the elements. For visual inspiration, search “wood block mosaic wall” on Pinterest.

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Good for the Greater Good

In addition to their impressive beauty, reclaimed wood accent walls are an environmental win, because no trees are harvested for your project. Using reclaimed wood also keeps the discarded lumber out of landfills.

Perhaps most importantly, the use of reclaimed wood is ushering a new mindset into our culture. Where people once readily disposed of materials like used lumber, they’re now waking up to the reality that our natural resources are finite. The more we embrace the power of repurposing and reusing materials, the more we shift our society’s consumption behavior in a more positive and ecologically sound direction.

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