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Vinyl Tent Tops

These are high end, special occasion tent tops that have been retired.  They were NO longer the quality of tent to put up at a formal event like a  wedding anymore, but they might **work great** as coverings for SO MANY things – like a roof being worked on, boats in the off-season, hay piles, a garden shade and so much more! 

**Note:  NO HARDWARE IS INCLUDED, this is just the vinyl tent fabric.**

repurposedINBOX: "Attached are photos from our secondary warehouse showing piles of tents that we wish to 'repurpose'. There is a 130' X 295' Circus Tent made of white vinyl and sewn in aircraft stainless steel cable that is very strong. It was made in 1994 or 1995 and then was used 2x/yr for about 8 years for college graduations and then was put into storage. It should still be in good shape. There are also two 100' X approximately 200' white vinyl tents. The 100' Wide Tents are in rough shape and were used as portable barns for horse shows. There is a 100' x 100; Green & White canvas tent that comes in (4) 50' x 50' pieces. This tent was hardly ever used. There are numerous smaller tent tops that range in size from 10x20 to 20x40. We are currently cleaning out this warehouse and can load them in your truck ASAP." - Bill in Rhode Island

: Like Bill, do you have a warehouse you need to clean out?? We can help! Email Details>>

Product Name
Used | Dark Green | 40' x 80' | 450 lbs | Located in PHILADELPHIA
Used | White | 30' x 100' | 450 lbs | Located in PHILADELPHIA
Used | White | 130' x 35' | 450 lbs | Located in PHILADELPHIA
Used | White | 100' x 200' | 550 lbs | Located in PHILADELPHIA