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Specialty Belting

These are rolls of specialty conveyor belting. Each roll has something unique to offer in their second “repurposed” life. Many have a cleated rubber back which lends to fantastic gripping properties. Some rolls are a flexible single ply rubber with cleats molded in. Others even have a soft floor padding like rubber! Photos provided are for reference only. Cleating styles vary between rolls and fabric may exhibit faded spots or different color.
Product Name
USED | Green | Flat Rate Shipping | Located in CHICAGO


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Do you have standard sizes of used conveyor belting instock?

Our inventory is always changing. We do our best to keep the website up to date, but please call for our current conveyor belt inventory sizes for what lengths, widths, and thicknesses we have available.

How do you cut the conveyor belt?

Used conveyor belting can be cut fairly easily with a sharp razor knife. The key to properly cutting the conveyor belt is technique.
1)Cut completely through all plies of rubber one one edge
2)Position blade at an angle so it can cut the entire thickness of the belting
3)With one hand across the width of the belt, pull back the piece you’ve cut with your free hand

**PLEASE NOTE: If you try to score the conveyor belting at 1/16″ at a time, you’re in for a very long process and one very tired arm!

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NOTE: While we call these repurposed Specialty Conveyor Belt, others may call them reclaimedSpecialty Conveyor Belt. Funny, we’ve also heard them being called recycled Specialty Conveyor Belt. Then there are those who refer to them as scrap Specialty Conveyor Belt, seconded Specialty Conveyor Belt, junk Specialty Conveyor Belt…or maybe even salvaged Specialty Conveyor Belt! Remember, whatever “green” or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding Specialty Conveyor Belt, we’ve got it.