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Snow Fence

While most reclaimed lumber is salvaged from timbers and decking rescued from old barns, factories, textile mills, and warehouses, one of our biggest sources happens to be the iconic roadside snow fences of the American West.

All the reclaimed wood has a rich, weathered patina. Some of the salvaged boards will have “tan lines” as some of them crisscrossed on the structure and received different amounts of sunlight.  Each piece of salvaged wood will have a few bolt holes in them where the snow fence structure was bolted together. 

Product Name
Slats | Untreated rustic wood | 1675 lbs | Located in DENVER
Slats |Untreated rustic wood | 840 lbs | Located in DENVER
Slats |Untreated rustic wood | 16 lbs | Located in DENVER
Frame |784 LF per Bunk | 1,700 lbs | Located in DENVER
Slats | Untreated rustic wood | 420 lbs | $299 Shipping | Located in DENVER
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