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Blending Salt

: "The salt was delivered to one of our customers; the trailer had a leak in the roof. Some of the bags got wet and the customer only took what he needed at the time. Since this is food grade and kosher; I really don't want to deal with selling it period. For a tech grade application, this would work well" - Greg 

Product Information: 

MORTON TFC HG Blending Salt

TFC H.G. Blending Salt is treated with a trace of Yellow Prussiate of Soda (sodium ferrocyanide), a water-soluble anti-caking agent used in accordance with 21CFR 172.490. 
H.G. Blending and TFC H.G. Blending meet the USDA No. 1 (0.5mg) coarse sediment standard for milk and milk products (7 CFR 58.2728) using a 250g sample, equivalent to 2 ppm or less. The pour, loose, bulk density is 1.17 - 1.28 g/ml (73 - 80 lbs/ft3). 

Location: DENVER 

Quantity: 40,000 lbs. 

Price: $0.10/ lb. 

Please Call Damon @ 303-321-1471 to ORDER