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Barium Sulfate

“We regularly sell this material (Barium Sulfate) to be used in the manufacture of lead-acid battery additives.  To be used in this application, it must strictly adhere to the customer’s specifications.  These 2 batches (20,000 KGS each), had an iron content that was slightly too high to be accepted for use in the customer’s product.” - Amanda

MSDS:  see attached

Certificate of Analysis:  see attached

Pictures:  see attached

Product Condition“The labels on the bags are all the same as depicted in picture 7015 so that is the only labeling I could find.  And yes I was able to “stir” the sulfate once I opened the bag so it would appear that it is not hardened, although there were a few clumps as you can see in picture 7024 but they fell apart if I pressed on them.” – Shawna, our Chicago warehouse manager

Quantity:  44,000 lbs  (80 bulk bags @ 1,100 lbs/bag)

Location:  our Chicago warehouse

Price:  Negotiable depending on quantity

Call Damon at 303-321-1471