Farm & Ranch

Plastic Barrels

Used Plastic Barrels can be “repurposed” into a feeder, rain barrel, raised garden bed and much more! 

Fiberglass Utility Poles

Retired Fiberglass Utility Poles are nice because they are designed to provide lasting performance in harsh environments. They have so many “repurposes” such as: Boat dock pilings, bat house poles & much more! 

Wood Timbers

Used Wood Timbers are a great cost-effective & eco-friendly alternative to use for your woodworking needs. Wood Timbers can be used for fencing around your farm, made into farm stand & much more!

Cargo Parachute

The Retired Parachutes have been previously used as shade cover for herds of cattle on those hot summer days!

Rubber Conveyor Belt

Used Rubber Conveyor has TONS of “repurposes” and we have TONS of conveyor!

Insulated Container

These insulated containers were once used in the distribution of dairy products.
They can be “repurposed” as a fish cooler, seafood ice box or as an insulated container for any other harvested products.

IBC Totes

Our Used IBC Totes are versatile and adaptable for many “repurposes” such as:
Hay feeders, chicken coops & the primary use for portable water storage.

Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

Electrostatic Backpack Sprayers can be used in many types of applications such as:
Lawn care, pest control, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides & many more types of chemicals.

Bulk Bags

Many Farmers & Ranchers reuse the bulk bags to store livestock feed and many other types of materials.

Playground Tiles

Reclaimed Rubber Playground Tiles can be used for Horse Stall Mats, wind breaks and much more! 

Steel Guardrails

Used Steel Guardrails have so many “repurposes” such as fences, corrals, water diversion and more! 

Aluminum Bleachers

These Aluminum Bleacher Planks are great for replacing wood planks on trailer beds. 

Plastic Press Boards

These Plastic Press Boards would be great “repurposed” as structures for animal pens. 

Synthetic Turf

These used Turf rolls would be great “repurposed” as show barn flooring.

Billboard Vinyl

These woven vinyl advertisements were constructed to be displayed outside along highways and interstates while withstanding the nastiest of weather conditions: high winds, scorching sun, intense heat, heavy rains, etc. This durable vinyl material has countless uses for “repurposing“.

Share your “repurpose” project photos with us!