newsLETTER 07-09-2024


XL Mushroom from a Parachute; Shake Shack discard; flexible Water Bladder

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Our Customers: Check out how one of our returning customers purchased a 28′ Parachute and turned it into lawn decor mushrooms for the Area 143 Music Fest! Can’t wait to see what’s next, Isaiah!


Dimensions: Various


Project: “We installed 3 pieces of your Steel Guardrail as protection for our building with a way-too-tight parking lot. Having someone back into our building was not an IF but a WHEN scenario. Painting the Guardrail makes it not so obnoxious looking.”Kevin in Colorado

Steel Highway Guardrail.

Dimensions: 26’ x 12”

L: Colorado & Texas

Our Customers: “Using this 250 Gallon Collapsible Bladder on our farm allows us to store and transport water easily. A must-have when irrigating crops or providing water for livestock.”Jeff in New York We appreciate your business, Jeff!!

Collapsible Bladders.

Capacity: 250 Gallons

L: Arizona

INBOX: “We have 500 cases of strawberry glaze to salvage. The product has a shelf life through the end of 2024. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if interested.”Roxie with Shake Shack


Q: Like Roxie, do you have obsolete ingredients and components that you’d like to see “repurposed”? If “yes,” we might be able to help!

Our Customers: One of our customers purchased a Steel Rolling Cart to store scrap metal in their auto salvage yard to keep everything organized & accessible. Gilbert, glad we could help!!

Steel Rolling Carts.

Dimensions: 40-1/2” x 32” x 47”

L: Iowa

INBOX: “We have 8,000 lbs of Wax ingredient leftover from a specialty cosmetic product we ceased manufacturing.”Erik

Q: How can wax used in the making of cosmetics be “repurposed”??

Bulk Buy Oppty: We got in 3 pallets totaling 8,000 lbs of this Wax. If you’re interested, please Email Damon!

Don’t forget to place your bids!

Only a couple days left!

Our Customers: “These Vinyl Peel & Stick Tiles will help transform my kitchen/laundry room into a whole new space, at a fraction of the cost!”Larry in Idaho

Vinyl Peel & Stick Tiles.

Dimensions: 12” x 12”

Box of 30 Tiles


Price Drop: Exciting news! Our Insulated Concrete Roofing Pavers are now 50% OFF!!

Insulated Concrete Roofing Pavers.

Dimensions: 24” x 48” x 2-3/8”

L: Colorado

Our Customers: “After seeing a segment in your Newsletter pertaining to this same ‘repurpose’, I decided to purchase some Rubber Floor Mats for my crawl space to gain a sense of assurance knowing they’d provide both protection and comfort.”Randy Jackson in Cottage Grove, Oregon

Rubber Floor Mats.

Dimensions: Various


Customer Spotlight: Our customer’s commitment to safety is as solid as the Steel Pipes they’ve chosen for their safety bollards – providing physical barriers from vehicular accidents. Paul, we appreciate your business!

Steel Pipes.

Dimensions: 5-1/2” x 9’

L: Arizona

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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) – castoffs and discards; byproducts and waste that have value “as is” to a second, unrelated industry.

“repurposed”POTENTIAL: Transforming cargo into COOL: Backyard pools are making waves with “repurposed” Shipping Containers!

40’ Shipping Containers.

Dimensions: 40’ x 8’ x 8’-6”

L: Arizona

AFTER: We helped a big construction company re-home 3,500’ of 24” dia from a tear out and replacement project at Pearl Harbor Military Base in Hawaii.


BEFORE: “We’re removing 3,500’ of 24” dia x 38’ FPVC pipe that has only been in the ground since 2018. The pipe transported only fresh water and it was inside a steel casing. It is in very good condition as you can imagine. Can you find a home for this? It would be a shame to grind this all up for recycling.” Daniel


Q: Like Daniel, do you have used materials still in good condition that it would be a shame to send to recycling to chip, shred, grind, melt? We might be able to help!

Our Customers: One of our returning customers just purchased some Turf to spruce up her fireworks stand. Diana, we appreciate your continued business!

Synthetic Turf.

Dimensions: Various

L: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa & Ohio

New Product: Presenting our newest acquisition – Unused Aluminum Fence Panels. Engineered with an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, these panels offer unrivaled durability while maintaining structural integrity.

Aluminum Fence Panels.

Dimensions: Various

L: Iowa & Colorado

Your Ideas: “You could use this TPO Roof Membrane as a weed barrier in your garden.”Brad from our Facebook page


“My father-in-law used salvaged TPO Roof Membrane from my building for a backyard koi pond.”Fred from our newsLETTER


“I could use some of this TPO Roof Membrane for a vapor barrier under my old house!”Mary from our Facebook page

TPO Roof Membrane Rolls.

Dimensions: Various

L: Colorado, Iowa, Ohio & South Carolina

Our Customers: One of our customers bought some Steel Grating to make a mud catch on his porch deck. Just hose off & no more muddy floors after rainy days! We appreciate your business, Andrew!

Steel Grating.

Dimensions: Various

L: All Locations

Customer Project: “This is my dock made by using ‘repurposed’ Plastic Pallets from your Ohio location.” Ron In Iowa Thanks for sharing, it turned out GREAT, Ron!

Corrugated Plastic Pallets.

Dimensions: 46-1/2” x 42” x 5-1/2”

L: Ohio

New Product: This Bentomat® ST, that was purchased by the Tennessee Valley Authority and never installed, is a strong liner made of Volclay® sodium bentonite sandwiched between two geotextiles. The bentonite and fibers are tightly bonded together, making it durable and effective in various conditions, with excellent water resistance.

Bentomat ST Rolls.

Dimensions: 14’-6” x 150’

L: South Carolina