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old Wooden Boat and a Sportsy Basement Remodel

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Our Customers: “Thanks to your surplus of Wood Gym Flooring, my sons now have an ideal spot to shoot hoops in our basement, rain or shine!”Isaiah in Colorado  Isaiah, glad we could help!!

Wood Gym Flooring.

Sizes: Various

L: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio & South Carolina

Our Customers: “These VCT Tiles will help transform my basement into a whole new space, at a fraction of the cost!!”Molly in North Carolina  Molly, glad we could help you save on your pocket book!!

VCT Flooring.

Dimensions: 12” x 12” x 1/8”

Box of 45

Minimum Order of 5 Boxes

L: South Carolina & Texas

BEFORE: Got in a bunch of unused, surplus Naugahyde Fabric from a large seating manufacturer.


AFTER: “I highly recommend using Naugahyde for reupholstering boat seats. It’s durable, water-resistant, and gives a sleek finish that withstands harsh marine conditions.”Jerry in Florida  Jerry we appreciate your business!!

Faux Leather Fabric – Naugahyde.

Dimensions: 54” x 75’


INBOX: “We have a large surplus of un-used and in good condition items. This includes interior and exterior doors, sliding glass doors, residential windows, mirrors, paint, various hardware (screws, brackets, etc.) rolls of batt insulation, vinyl plank flooring, a refrigerator and multiple other odds and ends. All of this material is unused and in good condition.”Stan w/ Clayton Homes


Q: Like Stan, do you have obsolete inventory that you’d like off-the-books and out-of-the-warehouse?? If “yes,” we might be able to help!!

New Product: These Poly Drums safeguarded chemicals during storage and transport, thanks to their sturdy construction and chemical resistance, preventing leaks, spills, and environmental harm.

Poly Drums.

Capacity: 200 Liters

L: Ohio

Q: How can these PVC Sheet Rolls be “repurposed”

PVC Sheet Rolls.

Dimensions: Various

L: Colorado

Our Customers: “I own a small bakery. I’ll be using these Plastic Trays to store and deliver my baked goods to customers.”Charles in North Carolina  Charles, we appreciate your business!!

Plastic Trays.

Dimensions: 25-1/2” x 28-1/2” x 8-1/2”

Minimum Order of 3


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Our Customers: “As someone who does A LOT of wood staining, these Nitrile Gloves are an absolute necessity and lifesaver!”Michael in Tennessee  Thanks for choosing us, Michael!!

Nitrile Gloves.

Sizes: Various


re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) – castoffs and discards; byproducts and waste that have value “as is” to a second, unrelated industry.

Your Ideas: “Your Parachutes are great for Paw Paw and Persimmon growers to use as catchers when staked a few feet above ground, with a slit cut down the center of the tree for easy placement and reconnection using ties.”John in Colorado  We like the way you think, John!!


Sizes: Various


Project: “Your Conveyor Belt will work perfect around our round pen as a visual barrier to keep the horses from spooking from distractions outside the pen during horse training.”Taryn in Texas  Taryn, that is a brilliant idea!!

Conveyor Belts.

Dimensions: Various

L: All Locations

Google Review: “Bought Metal Grating Panels to use as decking on a porch extension.  Ordering and delivery were excellent and I’m loving how the project turned out!”Gillian in Texas  We love your creativity, Gillian!!


Post a Google Review: If you’ve liked to post a Google Review, we’d of course be very appreciative!

Steel Grating.

Dimensions: Various

L: All Locations

Project:  “We’re going to make garden hoses out of your Rubber Hose for use on our golf course.”Rose in Kansas  Rose, we appreciate your business!!

Rubber Hoses.

Dimensions: Various


We Love Landlords: Like the Stanley Ropers from the days of old, we have many landlords across America saving money by buying used/surplus materials from us to keep their dwellings up to snuff!

Our Customers: “Adding the Non-slip Grip Mat to my tool box was a game-changer! Now, no more clattering tools or searching for misplaced items – everything stays in place exactly where I need it.”Steve in Texas  We appreciate your business, Steve!!

Non-slip Grip Mats

Dimensions: Various


Customer Project: One of our Colorado customers purchased some of our Wood Guardrail Timbers to use in his horse paddock. Phil, we appreciate your business!!

Wood Guardrail Timbers.

Sizes: Various

L: Colorado & Texas