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Army Gun Racks; Your Ideas for Expanded Metal Panels; M & M’s Containers

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Your Ideas:  “Window well covers could be made out of the Expanded Metal Panels.”Donna from our Facebook page


“The Expanded Metal Panels could be used as drainage ditch covers.”Jesse from our Facebook page


“These Expanded Metal Panels would be perfect to make trailer ramps!”Robert from our Facebook page

Expanded Metal Panels.

Sizes: Various

L: Texas

Q: How can these M12 Small Arms Storage Racks be “repurposed” for a very different 2nd life?

M12 Small Arms Storage Racks.

Dimensions: 36” X 10” x 42-1/2”

10 Rifle Rack

L: South Carolina

New Product: These lightweight Nestable Bins, originally employed by Mars Inc. for storing and transporting M&M’s candy, boast industrial-grade quality and exceptional durability.

Nestable Bins.  

Dimensions: 24” x 24” x 12”

L: Ohio

Exclusive Promo: Excited to announce our Commercial Toilets in Arizona have been drastically marked down to FREE!!

Commercial Toilets.

Dimensions: 14-1/2” x 12” x 14-1/2”

L: Arizona

Our Customers: “These PPE Coveralls are a must-have for anyone working on Earthship construction projects, providing protection while cutting tires for walls.”Jeff in New Mexico  We appreciate your business, Jeff!!

PPE – Coveralls.

Sizes: Various


Customer Project: “With summer coming I knew using a Billboard Vinyl for a big Slip ‘N Slide would the best way to entertain my kids in the coming HOT months!”Danielle in Kansas  We couldn’t agree more, Danielle!!

Billboard Vinyls.

Dimensions: Various


New Product: This 2KGW-E Electric Grommet Machine is fully automatic, punching a hole and attaching both grommet and washer in one go. It’s compact and lightweight compared to older models.

Electric Grommet Machine.

Model #: 2KGW-E

L: South Carolina

Our Customers:  We shipped out a spool to Oregon to be used to secure items during the Airshow of the Cascades.  Ben, we appreciate your business!

Steel Cables.

Size: Various

L: Texas & Iowa

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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) – castoffs and discards; byproducts and waste that have value “as is” to a second, unrelated industry.

Customer Project: One of our customers purchased some Aluminum Tubing to create his own airplane. Harry, we LOVE your creativity!!

Aluminum Tubing.  

Dimensions: Various

L: Arizona, Colorado, & South Carolina

Our Customers: “Using these Linear Guides enhances the performance of my portable circular saw when paired with log dogs in the sawmill, guaranteeing straight and precise cuts.” Donald in Pennsylvania  Donald, we appreciate your business!!

Gudel Linear Guides.

Dimensions: Length: 40-9/16″ | Width: 3/4″ | Height: 1-1/8″

L: South Carolina

Our Customers: “I love the Firehose I got to use as webbing for my old patio chairs! It adds a unique, rustic touch and is super durable and weather-resistant. Highly recommend!”Chris in Colorado  Chris, we appreciate your business!!

Fire Hoses.

Dimensions: Various


Customer Project: “We will be using these Cobra Roadway Lights for our RV parking lot to help brighten the area and enhance security.”Phil in Montana  We’re grateful for your business, Phil!!

LED Cobra Head Roadway Light.

Lumens: 17,064


Your Ideas: “I used the Cardboard Cores as internal forms/molds to make a small, CHEAP poured concrete rocket stove. When you light your first fire, the cardboard burns away and leaves a perfectly formed concrete tunnel that will never warp, rust, or collapse.”Eric in Georgia  Eric, that is GENIUS!!

Our Customers: “As a teacher, purchasing Isolation Gowns for my art class has been a game-changer. My students can unleash their creativity without worrying about getting their clothes dirty!”Scott in Illinois  Scott, thanks for choosing us!!

Isolation Gowns.

Size: 130 x 140 cm

200 Gowns Per Case


AFTER:  “You should sell this to some Park and Rec district to heat their indoor swimming pool.”Jacob in Utah


BEFORE: “We have a big, new $125,000 boiler we were going to install for a hot water heater at a school.  The boiler tipped over in our truck. Because of the scratches, the manufacturer sent a new boiler. I can’t believe they replaced it!?!  Anyway, are you interested in the scratched boiler?”Dennis


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