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Cosplay Costumes; backyard Bocce Ball; Fisherman’s Tool

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Your Ideas: “You could market the Leather Scraps to people that make their own Cosplay costumes. Leather is big in the Cosplay world I believe.”Aidhla in South Carolina

We like the way you think, Aidhla!!

Leather Scraps.

Colors: Black, Griege or Assorted

8 lb Package


Customer Project: Seeking a low-maintenance solution, one of our customers purchased Artificial Turf to create a backyard Bocce Ball court for family gatherings.

Joe, we value your support!

Synthetic Turf.

Dimensions: Various

L: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio & South Carolina

Your Ideas:  “You could make the 55 Gallon Drums into a bait pen. They help maintain live bait’s freshness and vitality while preventing escape, maximizing its effectiveness in attracting target fish and improving fishing success rates.”Bill from our Facebook page

55 Gallon Bung Barrel.

Capacity: 55 Gallons

L: Iowa

Our Customers:  “I bought this Billboard Vinyl to use as a cover for my sawdust piles, to prevent it from being blown away and making a bigger mess.”Kelly in Bloomington, IN

Kelly, we value your business!!

Billboard Vinyls.

Dimensions: Various


Your Ideas: “Prepping for a back country trip and thought of you guys. A well-known ‘repurpose’ in the backpacking community is to place all your clothes, bedding, etc. in trash compactor bags before stuffing them in your pack. These bags keep everything waterproof. You’re always talking about Attributes, Characteristics, Engineering of the different materials. A trash compactor bag is highly engineered…tough, thick, stretchy…to be able to be crammed with sharp-edged trash and liquids without tearing or leaking. Well, that makes it perfect for backpacking, too!”Timothy in Wyoming


Q: Like Tim, what New Products have you seen “repurposed” for a very different use than for which they were originally made? Share your ideas!

‘Tis the Season:  We’re selling a lot of PVC Pipe and Fire Hose to farmers for irrigation uses as the growing season fast approaches.

PVC Pipe.

Dimensions: Various

L: Arizona, Colorado & Texas

Fire Hoses.

Dimensions: Various


** Got Unwanted Stuff?  We might be able to Help! **
Contact Us @ 720-615-0281

repurposedCUSTOMER: “I purchased some of your Nitrile Gloves to shield my hands from harsh chemicals and rough surfaces while I am restoring my boat. This will be a HUGE help while I tackle the grime and corrosion that has accumulated over the years ”Marvin from Pacolet, SC

Glad we could help, Marvin!!

Nitrile Gloves.

Sizes: Various


re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) – castoffs and discards; byproducts and waste that have value “as is” to a second, unrelated industry.

AFTER: “We drove 5 hours to check out your South Carolina location and weren’t disappointed. We bought a vintage heavy-duty Steel Dough Bin and turned it into a planter for our AirBnB (and some other items we couldn’t resist). Great service from the staff, too!!” Dean in Georgia

Dean, thanks for the making the drive! Glad we made it worth it!!


BEFORE: These heavy-duty Steel Dough Bins were previously used in a bakery dough production facility.

Steel Dough Bins.

Dimensions: 6’-9’ x 40” x 35”

L: South Carolina

AFTER: “We’re going to use these sections of Rope for knot tying classes in our Boy Scout troop.”Brian in Pennsylvania


BEFORE: “We’re looking for some recycling options for some excess rope we have from our Yeti cooler handles. This is nylon rope made by Rocky Mountain Cord. We have 8,000 pcs of this Rope. No defects, just all cut to a precise, short size. Let us know if you’re interested!”Jacob


Q: Like Jacob, do you have surplus inventory of short or remnant pieces that could be “repurposed”??

Rope Pieces.

Dimensions: 31-1/2” x 3/8”

50 Pieces Per Box

Order Minimum of 2


Over Engineered: “Up here in the Dakotas, we use old Guardrail for corral fencing. If that Guardrail can stand up to 70 mph car crashes, it could certainly stand up to a raging 2,000LB bull. It is way over engineered for fencing, but that makes it a tremendous value for us ranchers.”John in South Dakota


NOTE: With “repurposing”, like John correctly observes, you often get used materials that are way over engineered for their 2nd life. But, this over engineering comes so cheap because the material is used.

Steel Guardrails.

Dimensions: 26’ x 12”

L: Colorado

repurposed INBOX: “I’m an architecture student at the University of Maryland.  I enjoy reading the newsletters and would like to better understand the materials being ‘repurposed’.  I’m writing to ask if you have any tips on relevant educational resources. Are there certain trade publications that you recommend? How does one even begin to gain this type of expertise?”Yuki


RE: Yuki, Thanks for writing.  Honestly, there really isn’t a centralized source for education on ‘repurposing’.  While it is very agriculture-related, Farm Show Magazine is one of my favorites.  Hope that helps a little bit!”Damon

Our Customers:  “The Break Room Miami is having a BLAST ‘repurposing’ the coveralls for our rage room and paint splatter room sessions – designed for a unique and fun stress relief experience! Thank you for being our supplier.”Christina

PPE Coveralls.

Sizes: Various


Our Customers:  We had a customer buy some of our Gas Cylinders to experiment with storing helium in them.

Gas Cylinders.

Capacity: 50L

L: Iowa

New Equipment:  We just got in a new, unused system was originally purchased by Metro North Railroad in NY to be installed in a train car wash facility.  Unfortunately, they never got the facility permitted.  The equipment has sat unused for about 15 years. This is a complete filtering system designed to process water from washing large vehicles like train, airplanes, heavy equipment, heavy duty trucks and busses. This equipment can take dirty oily, nasty, infected water from washing all types of vehicles and equipment and turn it into potable water. After removing solids through the various pieces of equipment, the last piece of equipment the water passes through is a industrial grade UV light that kills microorganisms.


Q: Besides heavy equipment washing, what other industries/applications are treating high volumes of nasty or dirty “process water”??

Industrial Wastewater Treatment System.

L: Ohio