What Are the Best Liquidation Sites?

Conducting an online search for liquidation sites is likely to return results, including the liquidators listed here. These are considered among the top liquidators in their respective categories. There are, of course, many more than the ones included here. Be as specific as possible about what kind of liquidator you’re seeking, whether that’s a liquidator of excess retail inventory, restaurant supplies, tech products, industrial items, or any other online liquidator.

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Liquidators of Retail Inventory

B-Stock is known as a sourcing network that connects buyers with overstocked items and customer returns but also offers other liquidated products from a variety of sources, in different conditions. They liquidate inventory for businesses like Amazon and Best Buy. At any given time, B-Stock has many different lots up for auction, usually in single-product lots rather than mixed lots of random products. Lots are graded by item condition, and all sales are “as is.” The only acceptable form of payment is wire transfer.

Online Auction Liquidators

Blue Lots is an online auction site that offers lots of a wide range of overstock items to retailers. Payment is accepted via credit or debit card, PayPal and PayPal Credit or Behalf (short-term financing for small U.S. businesses for the purchase of goods or services). All shipping is on a flat rate basis. Blue Lots does not accept returns or exchanges.

Liquidators of Pallet Assortments

Direct Liquidation specializes in auctioning surplus and returned consumer goods and electronics for retailers like Walmart, Lowes, and Target. Products are tested and may be refurbished before they are sold at auction. Buy Now and Make Offer options are available, as is financing.

Mixed Lot Liquidators

Bulq offers lots of assorted products, many of them non-inspected returns, by the case, pallet, or truckload. Potential buyers can make transactions through Bulq’s mobile app. Bulq accepts most credit cards as well as PayPal and PayPal credit. Bulq does not offer returns or exchanges.

Liquidators of Lots of All Sizes

Liquidation.com is an online auction site liquidating inventory from sources such as Home Depot, Sony, and Staples. With warehouses in many parts of the country, the company allows buyers to pick up their purchases to avoid shipping costs. Lot sizes range from cases to pallets to truckloads. Payments are accepted via credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer.

Restaurant Supply Auction Liquidators

RestaurantEquipment.Bid liquidates equipment from restaurants that are closing, with bids starting at $1. Buyers must make their own shipping arrangements.

Tech Product Liquidators

TechLiquidators offers bulk lots of tech products, all of which are sold “as is,” and many of them are graded as “end of life” or nonfunctioning. Buyers should expect cosmetic or operational defects. This is the primary liquidator for Best Buy, and the largest online bulk liquidation market for tech products, including a wide range of appliances, game consoles, computers, and home theater components.

Industrial Liquidators

RepurposedMATERIALS buys surplus and obsolete industrial materials and sells them to buyers, usually for purposes vastly different from their original use. RepurposedMATERIALS has been described as an “industrial Cupid’ for its innovative ideas for industrial waste and the matches it makes between liquidated industrial materials and buyers with seemingly unrelated needs. Repurposed Material’s founder refers to what the company does as “giving industrial castoffs a second life,” keeping millions of pounds of waste out of landfills each year, waste being defined as anything unwanted by a company or organization.

Also described as “America’s largest industrial thrift store,” RepurposedMATERIALS offer items in a wide range of categories including chemicals, concrete, containers, fabric, flooring, glass and plastic sheets, hoses, insulation, lighting, rope and netting, rubber, steel and metal, steel cable, synthetic turf, equipment, military items, and more. Operating on the premise that repurposing unwanted industrial items makes sense economically and environmentally, RepurposedMATERIALS buys and sells both unused and used products, with no guarantees regarding condition. No refunds or returns are allowed.

Inventory lists are used for materials such as bowling alley wood and conveyor belt, that have a wide range of size variations. These variations can make it prohibitive to list each item individually. Please note that inventory levels change daily.

Buyers are provided custom shipping quotes or can arrange local pickup from one of RepurposedMATERIALS’ locations around the country. Payment is accepted via credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover) check, or cash on pick up.

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