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    Abandonment removal services are offered by companies that specialize in helping folks get rid of “stuff” they neither need nor want. Often these are things that have been abandoned in a vacant lot, by the side of the road, on a construction job site, in a rented home, in a storage unit, on private property in short, anywhere. The big question for the finder is, “Can I claim this as my own and do with it as I please?”

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    Can I Claim This is My Own?

    If one finds abandoned items, they can claim ownership if those items meet the state’s legal definition of abandoned property. That depends largely on what the items are and where they were found.

    For the purposes of this discussion, we’re going to exclude certain items that usually must be turned over to the state pending a court ruling or held until the owner (or next of kin) has been identified and given an opportunity to reclaim them. Abandoned vehicles, land, bank accounts, stock certificates, and intellectual property fall into this category. Let’s also exclude items abandoned on government-owned land.

    Abandoned property can be defined as personal property left by an owner who has relinquished all rights to it, without having made arrangements for its reasonable care or supervision. With the exclusions noted earlier, the general legal principle is that the finder of abandoned property who claims it as their own gets to keep it and decide what to do with it.

    In some states, the finder has the legal obligation to try to identify and contact the owner to make sure that abandoning the property was intentional. Of course, that doesn’t apply to something you find out at the curb on your town’s bulk trash pickup day.

    What Can I Do with It?

    Let’s say that after jumping through all applicable legal hoops, you are the new owner of the abandoned items you found. Now what do you do? Are you hoping to make good use of them yourself? Or did you claim them with an eye toward making some money by selling them?

    Do you have the time and inclination to advertise, find buyers, negotiate prices, arrange shipment, or handle any of the other tasks involved in selling the abandoned items that are now yours to do with as you wish? And where do you store that stuff in the meantime? How much is that likely to cost you?

    How Can an Abandonment Removal Services Help?

    Some things are best left to professionals. Salvage companies and other businesses that offer abandonment removal services can tell whether abandoned construction materials must be treated as hazardous. They know the laws governing their handling and transportation.

    They know which materials have resale value “as is” and which are recyclable. Often, they work with companies that buy the specific kinds of materials you want to sell. Some will get you the best prices. Many have the equipment and the personnel to do the heavy lifting, so to speak, and remove the formerly abandoned materials from their current location to a storage facility or to a buyer.