Used Polypropylene Bulk Bags for Storage

Bulk Bags are great used polypropylene bags!

These extra tough, Tyvek-like bulk bags can be hung in place or moved around with a forklift, Bobcat, etc. In their previous un-used life, they were able to hold up to 2,000lbs of bulk materials. We have access to sacks that are left open like a typical sack. They don’t tear easily, but can be cut with scissors or a knife if needed. The extra large FIBC bags sacks are breathable, yet impermeable to liquids.

Possible “Repurposes”: Landscape Debris Containers – Compost Carriers – Large Sand Bags for Levees – Used Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers – Used FIBC Bags – Used Bulk Bags – Used Polypropylene Bulk Bags – Used One Ton Sack – Used One Ton Bag – Used Tote Bag

NOTE: While we call these repurposed bulk bags, others may call it reclaimed bulk bags. Funny, we’ve also heard it being called recycled bulk bags. Then there are those who refer to it as scrap bulk bags, seconded bulk bags, junk bulk bags…or maybe even salvaged bulk bags! Remember, whatever “green” or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding bulk bags, we’ve got it.