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    Billboard vinyls make durable snowmobile covers!

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    These advertisements were created to hang outdoors along the highways and interstates in the nastiest of weather – high winds, scorching sun, intense heat, strong rains, etc. – proudly carrying an advertising message from the likes of Pepsi, Chevrolet, or Holiday Inn. And when the advertising campaign for which they were originally created is over, they make great tarps, covers, liners, tarpaulins, etc. in their second life.

    The billboards are made of a highly engineered vinyl to withstand the harsh environments in which they hang. These advertising vinyls are made of UV-protected and waterproof vinyl layers that sandwich between them a layer of rip-stop nylon scrim to keep them from tearing.

    While there are common sizes in the industry and therefore sizes that are more commonly stocked than others, we often have an array of odd sizes on hand. Please inquire about other sizes that we have available at your time of purchase.


    Can the advertising billboard vinyls be seamed together if I want a bigger tarp size?

    Yes. You can “glue” the tarps together with waterproof vinyl cement in order to create any square footage configuration you need. We recommend HH-66 Vinyl Cement, however, you will have to purchase it separately at your local hardware store.

    If I want to use the billboard vinyl as a tarp, how can the advertising vinyls be fastened down?

    These waterproof vinyls have a “pipe sleeve” running the complete diameter of the vinyl. You can run piping through the sleeve to anchor it down or you can make slits through the double-sided sleeve and used it as a loop to tie the tarp down. Of course, you can always add grommets yourself or use industrial clips, both found at your local hardware store.

    Is there an advertisement on one side of the billboard vinyl material?

    Yes. Buyers are required to keep the advertisement side of the billboard vinyl down at all times when using it as a tarp or cover. The non-picture side of these advertising vinyls come in a solid black or white color. If you have a preference between the two colors, please let us know at the time of purchase and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

    Are these advertising billboard vinyls cleaned?

    In general, the vinyls are clean and the waterproof, windproof, UV resistant properties remain intact. Remember though, these are used pieces of material so there may be dust and dirt on the exposed sides where they have sat folded in warehouses.

    Do the used billboard vinyls have holes in them?

    What damage, if any, is generally on the outer perimeter of the tarp on the “pipe sleeve.” If you do find holes in a tarp, we’ll gladly trade out the damaged tarp for a new one.

    Possible “Repurposes”:

    -Hay Tarps – Pond Liners – Baseball Field Covers – Spill Containment Liners – RV Covers –– Slip n Slide for Kids – Wood Pile Tarpaulin – Boat Covers –– Gym Floor Covers – Winter Guard – Vinyl Tarps – Warehouse Curtains – Paint Drop Clothes – Tents – Lumber Tarps – Roof Tarps – Vapor Barriers – Shop Dividers – Discount Tarps – Used Tarpaulin – Recycled Tarps – Outdoor Movie Screens – Construction Material Covers – Poly Tarps – Canvas Tarp Alternative – Plastic Sheeting Alternative – Yard Tarps –– Ice Hockey Rink Liners – Salvage Covers – Truck Tarps – Pool Tarps – Drain Tarps – Snowmobile Covers

    NOTE: While we call these repurposed billboard vinyls, others may call them reclaimed billboard vinyls. Funny, we’ve also heard them being called recycled billboard vinyls. Then there are those who refer to them as scrap billboard vinyls, seconded billboard vinyls, junk billboard vinyls …or maybe even salvaged billboard vinyls! Remember, whatever “green” or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding billboard vinyls, we’ve got it.