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    Here are some great “repurposes” of a 500-gallon propane tank:

    (Please email us any and all your “repurpose” ideas or things you’ve seen done. The more ideas, the more we get to keep out of the landfill!)

    1. A “cowboy cauldron” –

    “Basically just cut the rounded ends off the cylinder and weld three legs to the bottom of the dish. Makes an outstanding 3’ wide fire pit. My pit has been living outside in the elements for 10 years now and has another 20 to go before it rusts through.” – David in Pennsylvania

    2. Feed Bunk

    “They could be split in half and put on skids for cattle feeders that can be moved around the farm as needed.” – Ryan in Colorado (Note the pipe feet for easy dragging.)

    3. BBQ Grill or Smoker

    “In the south these are often converted into large Bar-B-Que’s.” – Bob

    4. Culvert Pipe

    Cut both ends and have a heavy duty culvert pipe.

    5. Weed Burning Container

    “It lets me burn brush and big tree branches in my yard without killing the grass.” – Dave in Minnesota (courtesy of www.farmshow.com)

    6. Campfire Ring

    Keep the bonfire contained!

    7. Irrigation Tank

    “I believe that the tanks could be used to feed drip irrigation systems on windbreaks where no pressurized water systems are available. Transparent plastic hoses with a colored bead inside connected to a tap inside the tanks could be used to indicate how full the tanks are. The tanks could be painted to blend in with the surrounding environment if desired. In a variation of the above idea, the tanks could be mounted on trailers and filled at a central location and hauled to the windbreak or whatever (garden, grass, etc) is being irrigated.” – Steve with the Bureau of Land Management in Wyoming

    8. Oil Separator

    “You might call an oilfield tank manufacturer – they could possibly be converted into a low pressure separator for oilfield use.” – Tom in Texas

    9. Pond Riser

    “The diameter of the propane tanks make them ideal to re-use as pond risers in farm and irrigation ponds. These will last infinitely longer than the galvanized, corrugated pipes typically used.” – Garrett in Missouri