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    How to “repurpose” VS Recycle Concrete: A Sustainable Guide

    Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in construction, but its production and disposal can have significant environmental impacts, so why not think to “repurpose” over recycle concrete. As the world moves towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices, finding ways to “repurpose” over recycle is becoming increasingly important.

    Instead of having to do such a thing as Chip it, Shred it, Grind it, or Melt it why not “repurpose it” for a more environmental impact while potentially keeping money in your wallet.

    If you have concrete that would be a candidate for “repurposing”, we can help! Please send us details through the contact form on this page.

    Creative Ways to “repurpose” Concrete

    •  Art and Sculptures

    Artists and designers are increasingly using concrete as a medium for creating sculptures and public art installations. “repurposed” concrete adds a unique, industrial aesthetic to these creations, promoting sustainability through artistic expression.

    • Furniture

    Concrete furniture is gaining popularity for its durability and modern look. Tables, benches, and planters made from “repurposed” concrete can add a stylish touch to both indoor and outdoor spaces while supporting eco-friendly practices. If you want to see your concrete “repurposed” fill out the form on the left!

    Recycle Concrete

    •  Concrete Crushing

    Concrete crushing is one of the most common methods to recycle concrete. Large chunks of concrete are broken down into smaller, manageable pieces using industrial crushers. The resulting aggregate can be used in various construction projects, such as road base, backfill material, and new concrete production.

    • Pulverizing Concrete

    Pulverizing involves grinding concrete into a powder. This fine material can be used as a base layer for roads, reducing the need for new raw materials. Pulverized concrete can also be mixed with new concrete to improve its properties. If you need concrete recycled fill out the form on the left!