How to Sell Building Materials Online

The Problem of Left Over Building Materials

Project owners often get stuck with building materials left over when the work is finished. That is true whether the project owner is a do-it-yourselfer making improvements to their own home, a landlord who hired a contractor to upgrade an investment property, or anyone else who purchased more materials than were needed.

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Contractors often end up with excess building materials as well, but in most cases, the project owner, not the contractor, pays for those materials and owns them.

Common Questions About Left Over Building Materials

Before arriving at the idea of selling the excess building materials, the project owner may have the following questions and below we list why the solution may not be viable:

Question 1: Should I just hold onto them in case I can use them in the future?

  • If they will not be needed again this solution will not work for you
  • If there is no where to store the material this will not work for you
  • This is not a great solution either if you would like some return on your investment

Question 2: Could I return them to where they were purchased and get a refund for them?

  • Not if the packages have been opened
  • It may cost too much to load and transport
  • Not if the deadline has passed

Question 3: Should I leave them near the road and stick a For Sale sign on them?

  • Lack of traffic passing will lead to lack of sales
  • If you are moving on from the location, you will not be available to sell
  • If you want to keep your contact information discreet, this is not a good option for you
  • Weather damage may be a problem with this solution
  • Theft is also a problem with this solution

Question 4: Would I find a buyer if I put an ad in the classified section of our local newspaper?

  • This depends on where you are located and how successful this tactic is there
  • Advertisement costs money
  • This could waste time
  • Storage may still be an issue

Question 5: Should I sell my material online

  • Without the online platform, this will be a difficult endeavor
  • You must also be experienced in sales
  • Storage and shipping are both factors to consider

The Solution: How to Sell Building Materials Online

Salvage companies offer a viable solution for homeowners and contractors with building materials to sell. You may not be well-positioned to sell your leftover building materials, but a salvage/recycling/reuse company is. They pay you for what you want to get rid of, and then resell it, with no further effort on your part. All you have to do is contact a company like ours with a description of what you want to sell, and they’ll take it from there.

You recover some of your initial investment in the materials and can be confident that your leftover building materials won’t end up in the waste stream prematurely. Instead, they ultimately end up in the hands of someone who needs them. A win for all involved.

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