How to Dispose of Concrete

If you have leftover concrete from construction, remodeling or another type of project, disposing of it properly can be a challenge. How easy it will be to get rid of will depend on the amount of concrete you have and whether or not you have the ability to haul it away. Most waste disposal companies will not accept concrete in your regular curbside trash. And while concrete is recyclable, most curbside recycling providers won’t haul it away either. But don’t worry, you still have several options for getting rid of it properly. Here are eight ways to dispose of concrete.

Repurpose Your Concrete

Repurposing concrete is a great way to give it a second life and keep it from taking up large amounts of space in landfills. With a little imagination and resourcefulness, you can find dozens of uses for used concrete. Here are just a few:

  • Garden paths. Create a beautiful path through your yard or garden. Combine different shapes to piece it together a like a puzzle.
  • Use flatter sections of concrete to make steps on hills where a path might otherwise wash away.
  • Retaining walls. Broken chunks of concrete make ideal retaining walls.
  • Dig a firepit and line the edges of it with concrete chunks to keep your burning area contained.
  • Outdoor furniture. If you have intact concrete blocks, you can combine them with wood to make benches or tables.
  • Larger concrete blocks or highway barriers can be used in many creative ways to create boundaries for parking lots, dirt roads, culvert bridges and more.

Sell Your Concrete

Depending on the type of concrete you have, you may be able to find a business that will buy your concrete from you and repurpose it.

At repurposedMATERIALS, we buy and sell reclaimed concrete and other materials. We may be interested in purchasing your concrete from you. Contact us to find out more. Or, shop our inventory of reclaimed concrete here.
Recycle It

Most concrete is recyclable. It can be crushed, pulverized and put through a series of processes that involves screening and filtering the material into small and large aggregate sizes. From there, it can be used to make new concrete. Check with your city, town or county municipality to locate the nearest recycling center that accepts concrete. While they most likely won’t pick it up, if you can get it there, you can dispose of your concrete safely and know that it will be recycled. In most cases, recycling fees will apply.

Find Someone Who is Seeking Clean Fill

It’s not uncommon to see classified ads or signs on plots of land that say “Clean Fill Wanted.” Clean fill can take the form of dirt, gravel, rocks, concrete and other materials that are free of contaminants like chemicals, plastics and pollutants. People who need clean fill are typically looking to change or raise the elevation of a section of land. Used concrete is an ideal source of clean fill, because it takes up a lot of space.

Check with a Landscaping Company

Some landscaping companies may accept used concrete to be re-used as clean fill, retaining wall, pavers and more.

Rent a Waste Bin

If you have a large quantity of concrete to dispose of, renting a waste bin might be a good way to go. It isn’t the cheapest option, but they’ll deliver the bin and haul it away for you, so all you’ll have to do is it fill it up.

Hire a Company that Hauls Junk Away

Many cities have companies that will come to you and haul different types of junk away for a fee. Get a quote from a junk hauler, compare that to the cost of a waste bin and go with the cheaper of the two options if you can’t recycle or sell your concrete.

Bring it to a Building Materials Supply Company

If you have the means to haul your used concrete, you may be able to give it to a larger building materials supply company that accepts and recycles used concrete.

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