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Wholesale Laundry Soap and Cleaners

Inventory:  Laundry Soap and Cleaners

backSTORY:  This was a surplus order. 

Manufacturer:  U.N.X. Incorporated


Item Name  Quantity
 *Stabilize-BufferedShirtNeutralizer-15GAL 6
 *Flo-Soft Special-PremiumFabricSoftener-15GAL 6
 *Flo-Chek-SilicatedAlkaliBuilder-15GAL 7
 *Flo-Glide-CostEffectiveNeutralDetergent-5GAL 7
 *Flo-New-FastActingRustSour-5GAL-HAZMAT 2
 *Zyme-Power-SpecificEnzymeBooster-15GAL 1
 *Zyme-Power-SpecificEnzymeBooster-5GAL 6
 *Mr.Helper-QualityWaterConditioner-5GAL 1
 *Extend-CleanerDisinfectantDetergent-5GAL 3
 *Verex-FabricSoftenerConcentrate-5GAL 2
 *Defend-StainAndFluidRepellent-5GAL 2
 *Horizon Sparkle-PremierGeneralPurposeCleaner-1GAL-4PerBox 1
 *Clay-Out-UniquePrespotter-1GAL-HAZMAT 7
 *All-Brite-PrespotterForColors-1QUART-6PerBox 7
 *HorizonCherryBlossom-DeodorizingAirFreshener-1GAL 29
 *Vanguard-Self-SanitizingAgent-1GAL-HAZMAT-4PerBox 1
 *Lustro-QuickActingAcidDescaler-1GAL-HAZMAT 9
 *Knack-Pre-SoakAndDestainer-1GAL-4PerBox 11
 *LiquidKnack-Pre-SoakAndDestainer-1GAL-4PerBox 1
 *Brill-LemonHandDishwashingDetergent-1GAL 1
 *U.N.X.Anti-Stat-FastActingStaticNeutralizer-1GAL 6
 *Flo-Glo-Non-PhosphateChlorineDestainer-1GAL-HAZMAT 5
 *Bonus-LowTempMechanicalWasherSanitizer-1GAL 14


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Bid Deadline:  Friday, April 19, 2019 @ 5pm MST
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Inspection:  This inventory is available for inspection prior to the bid closing
Location:  our Chicago warehouse

Questions:  call Patti  @ 303.321.1471 OR

Shipping: Total weight 5682 lbs, 7 pallets.  There are almost 375 lbs of hazardous materials.  Could ship for $299+/- per pallet based on location.

Shipping Method:  LTL or Pick up


NOTE:  Seller reserves the right to reject any or all bids.