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Wholesale Forklift Backrests

Inventory:  Forklift Backrests

backSTORY: These came as part of another deal we did.  These are the part of the forklift that you can add to make certain the load doesn't fall on the driver.   We are unsure who the manufacturer is and what brand of forklift that these fit on, but we have included many pictures of different dimensions below.  
Quantity:  2 pallets of 10 forklift backrests each (20 total)  

**There are more available, but you are only bidding on two pallets.  You may have the option to buy more at the sale price if you are the winner.**

Size:  46” x 37 ¼” and they are 81 pounds each
The space between the slats is 6”.  The inside dimensions between the mounting legs is 36".


More pictures below!

Bid Deadline:  Friday, June 21, 2019 @ 5pm MST
Submit Bids:  Press here to submit bid
Inspection:  This inventory is available for inspection prior to the bid closing
Location:  our Denver warehouse

Shipping:  2 pallets. Could ship for $598.

Questions:  call Ethan @ 303.321.1471 OR

NOTE:  Seller reserves the right to reject any or all bids.