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Wholesale Aluminum Foil Tape

Inventory:  Aluminum Foil Tape

backSTORY:  This is a dead-soft aluminum foil backed tape with a special transparent synthetic acrylic adhesive, making this the best general purpose foil product available. 

Manufacturer: 3M

ize:  425- 50mm X 50m

 Features & Benefits

  • Conformable tape resists flame, moisture, weather, UV degradation and many chemicals, making it ideal for a variety of applications.
  • Heat and light reflective tape protects, insulates and enhances lighting efficiency.
  • Withstands a wide temperature range.
  • Thermally conductive tape helps dissipate heat and improves heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Transparent acrylic adhesive combined with the rugged, durable backing provides long service life both indoors and out.

Thickness: 4.6 Mil

Size: 50mm X 50M

Quantity:  Total of 195 rolls


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Bid Deadline:  Friday, June 21 @ 5pm MST
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Inspection:  This inventory is available for inspection prior to the bid closing
Location:  our DENVER warehouse

Shipping: $100 for 2 boxes

Shipping Method:  UPS or Pick up

Questions:  call Ethan  @ 303.321.1471 OR

NOTE:  Seller reserves the right to reject any or all bids.