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Welcome to our brand new website! Thank you for visiting. While our website may still be under construction, we are here to lend you a hand on how to navigate this new layout. You are always welcome to call us with your questions.

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1)How do I view a specific category?
There are two ways to view our categories.
OPTION 1: You can go to our top menu bar and hover over the "Products" button and a list of our product categories will pop up. You can select a category or hover over a category to view it's sub categories.
OPTION2: In the left hand side menu is a full list of our main product categories. Click on a category to display it's sub-categories in a text list or on the right with images and text.
2) What is the difference between a Category and a Sub-Category?
A Category is a a broad selection that contains the Sub-Categories. The Sub-Categories are more specific and usually relate to a specific product. Sub-Categories are nested under our main Categories. For example, you select the Containers Category--once selected a list of Sub-Categories will display--When you click on a Sub-Category such as 55 Gallon Barrels, you will be taken to the 55 Gallon Barrels Sub-Category which has specific information about the barrels and a complete list of just those products.
2) How do I view an individual product page?
You can view a product any time you have a category selected. It will be available in a set of rows in a category or sub-category page. The title of the product is a link to the product page. To narrow down your selection of listed products when viewing them in a category, go into sub-categories for a more specific list of items.
3) Where do I find your location addresses and phone numbers?
On the top menu bar, our "Contact Us" page has information about each location, their address, and their phone number. You can click on the name of the location to view more information about it. The "Contact Us" page is also home to our Contact form and extra information about visiting our locations.
4)How do I know where a product is located?
A product's location is indicated by it's title. The first three letters of the product title elude to it's specific location.
CHI: stands for Chicago
DEN: stands for Denver
ATL: stands for Atlanta
The product's location is also indicated on the product page above the product's price. If you would like to view products based on location, below the "Categories" section on the left hand column is a drop down menu where you can select which location's inventory you would like to view.
Main Navigation
-Use this menu to access products, information about what we do, what 'repurposing' is, and how to get in touch
Home Page Banners
-These banners will display up to date sales and information along with general information.
Product Categories
-This is the list of our current product categories. Click on a category to view more information.
View Items by Location
-Use this drop down menu to select what location's full inventory you would like to view.
Subscribe to our Newsletter
-Enter your e-mail here to subscribe to our newsletter with all of the current events going on in "repurposing"
-You can find the latest and greatest products at repurposedMATERIALS on display here.
Home Page Link
-You can click here to go back to our home page
Location Phone Numbers
-All location's phone numbers can be found here
Social Media Links
-Click on an icon to view our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube accounts
Cart Information
-This is where you will find information about your shopping cart such as how many items you have in your cart and how much they cost all together.
Main Navigation
-Click on a Category name to expand the category list beneath it and to display all sub-category images and individual products
Sub-Category List
-This is the list of sub-categories available for sale in it's specified category. Click on one to take you to a page with specific information about the sub-category
Sub-Category Image List
-This is where the sub-category list will be displayed with images and a it's name. You can click on the image or the sub-category name below it to learn more about that sub-category and what products are available.
Category Product List
-In these rows are all the products that are classified under a specific category.
Sort Options
-Click and then select how you would like the product list to be organized.
Product Page Title
-Click on the Product Title to go directly to that product's specific page. The first three letters of the product title indicate which location it is from.
Sub-Category Description
-A photo example of the sub-category as well as a description of that sub-category product will be found here.
Product List
-These rows show a full list of the sub-category products available.
Product Title
-This is the product title. The first three letters indicate where the product is located, and the rest gives you details about the product itself. Click on this title to go to that product's page.
Add to Cart
-Don't need to see any more product specific information before you buy? Click the "Add to Cart" button to place the item in your shopping cart.
repurposingIDEAS Images
-Some sub-categories include image examples of how to "repurpose" that sub-category product! Click on the image to enlarge it.
repurposingIDEAS Links
-All sub-categories will include a list of different ways to 'reprupose' that product. Some even have a link with more information!
FAQ's Section
-See common questions about the product and their answers in this specified section.
Submit a Question
-Click on the blue box with the triangle to go to our Contact Us form to submit any question you might have that we do not have shown in the FAQ's section.
Product Title
-This is the product title. The first three letters indicate where the product is located, and the rest gives you details about the product itself.
Product Price & Location
-Here the product's location is shown above the Product's price (sales tax not included)
Shipping Weight & Price
-Some products will have a weight and a shipping price. The product weight will be shown above the shipping price.
Product Rating
-Each product's rating will be shown here. Sign in to submit your review!
Share This Product
-Use of of the icons or links to share this product on your social media.
Order Quantity & Add to Cart
-In this box, enter in the number of the product you would like and then click the "Add to Cart" button to add the product to your shopping cart for check out. This box will also show if the product is "out of stock" or has a minimum or maximum order required to purchase.
Product Photos
-Photos of the product will display here. Click on an image to view an enlarged version of the photo.
Product Details
-Here all product details will be displayed as well as the price and shipping cost. Below the shipping cost will be a link to a page that explains more about how we ship our products.
Product Badge
-This badge displays a little bit of extra information about the product.
Extra Links
10)--check out the product's Pinterest board
11)--Click here to contact us with questions
12)--Click here to view this product's FAQ's on the Sub-Category product page
13)--Click here to go back to the product's Sub-Category page
Product Disclaimer Section
-This section will show a product disclaimer and information about shipping such as if the product is used or unused and if the product requires heavy equipment for removal from the shipping vehicle.