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Fabric Air Dome

We deal in used fabric domes that have been taken down from their original location.  This dome fabric can be "repurposed" for all kinds of things...tarps, pond liners, etc.

62' x 78' This is 20 ounce vinyl.  When inflated, it's maximum height was about 15'.  Weight is 1,150 lbs.

Location: Denver yard

Price: $1,400 + shipping

blue fabric egg-shaped dome

SOLD - 60' x 91' Egg-Shaped Dome.
 We sold the dome advertised last week to an orchard farm!  The beauty of "repurposing"...a material that is no longer of value to the recreation industry gets a second life at an orchard!!!  Edward, we appreciate your business.  Please send pictures when you have the dome in use

blue fabric egg-shaped dome

blue fabric egg-shaped dome