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Compost Covers from Used Pool Covers

Help keep used pool covers out of landfills by “repurposing” them as sun shade screens for livestock

These super tough swimming pool covers were designed to keep people from falling into swimming pools at hotels, rec centers, etc. Yes, when these are covering a pool you can actually walk across them. In fact, most pool cover manufacturers boast that a cow could walk across their covers. They are that strong.

Of course, remember, too, that these pool covers are designed withstand scorching sun, hail and rain, wind, and anything else Mother Nature could think of.

The strength of these mesh covers comes from the 1” webbing spaced on a 5’ grid over the entire size of the cover. It is this nylon webbing that provides it’s amazing strength and durability.

It is this structural grid pattern that makes these covers ideal for many “repurposes”. If they are being used as a shade screen, for example, and the wind does tear a hole in the fabric, the tear will only be able to run as far as the 1” webbing. So, yes, you may lose a one pane or “light”, but you will not lose a whole screen in one wind storm!


Q: Do these mesh covers come with grommets?

A: No, in most cases they do not. They come with a 1” nylon “pigtail” every few feet that measures about 12”-18” in length that you can used to secure the cover.

Q: Can I re-use these covers on my own swimming pool?

A: No. The original owner of each cover determined these covers were no longer provided adequate safety on their pools. So, obviously, they won’t provide security at your pool.

Q: What happens if you don’t have a mesh pool cover with the exact

A: You can trim any pool cover along the 1” webbing that forms the grid, and the mesh tarp is as strong on this new edge as the original edge coming from the factory. This would be how you’d be able to trim one of the tarps to use as a mesh tarp for your dump truck or to use as a lumber tarp.

Possible “Repurposes”:

Sun Shade Screens for Livestock Privacy Screens for Construction Sites Nursery and Greenhouse Sun Shade ScreensSemi Truck and Dump Truck TarpPond CoversWind Screen for Tennis CourtsShade Screen for Dog Kennel – Mesh Tarp for Demolition Site Privacy – Waterfowl and Bird ScreenRV Sun AwningTank CoversDebris Netting Mesh Warehouse CurtainsLagoon Covers Lumber Tarps Roof Tarps Industrial Water Tank CoverMesh Shop Dividers Jobsite Screens Construction Material Covers Porch Awning – Mesh Gym DividerPorous Ground Cover Yard Tarps Lumber Tarps Salvage Covers Truck TarpsConstruction Fence Screens

NOTE: While we call this repurposed pool covers, others may call it reclaimed pool covers. Funny, we’ve also heard it being called recycled pool covers. Then there are those who refer to it as scrap pool covers, seconds pool covers, junk pool covers…or maybe even salvaged pool covers! Remember, whatever “green” or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding pool covers, we’ve got it.