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Used Plastic Dasher Boards.  This is a 75' x 160' used plastic dasher board system.  Location: Colorado   

Field Covering System.  A complete football field covering system for special events.  This system has been used just twice by a major Division I university.  This is a polyurethane roll system.  Location: central US   

Plastic Pallets.  1,000 pallets that have been used just a single time.  They've been in storage for 5-6 years.  Size: 32" x 47".  Location: Missouri  

Stainless Steel Barrels (55 gal).  These are stainless steel barrels coming out of the food manufacturing industry.  (No lids)  They were previously used to mix ingredients.  They weight about 80lbs/ea so they are heavy duty for sure.  As you can see they do have “dimples” from their previous life.  We think these add character.  Location: Texas  

Stainless Steel Chain.  2,000' of 3/8" stainless steel chain (304 SS) off of a shrimp boat.   Their are five lengths at 380' each.  Location: Georgia  

Concrete Highway Barriers.  10' L x 23" W x 32 1/2" H.  Weight 3,500 lbs.  There is 15,000' available.  Location: North Carolina