Special Events

Metal Conveyor

A Skate Wheel Conveyor can be “repurposed” into an interesting design element for your special event! This Skate Wheel Conveyor was “repurposed” into a one-of-a-kind railing design for a restaurant.

Cargo Parachute

The Retired Military Parachutes are big seller with brides for shade & design elements for their weddings. 

Oak Barrels

Used Oak Barrels can be “repurposed” in various ways such as:
A planter, Tables & Chairs or even a bench!

Metal Barrels

Metal Barrels are versatile and can be used to create something new for any special event! Metal Barrels can be “repurposed” into unique furniture or seating area for your special event. It can even be “repurposed” into a smoker, bar, or planter.

Pickle Jars

These unused, overstock Pickle Jars are great for organization and storage. Pickle Jars would also be great “repurposed” as plant or party favor holders.

Pine Spacers

These Pine Spacers are great for various crafts for your DIY special event. Pine Spacers are great “repurposed” as unique wall art, planters, or frames.

Billboard Vinyl

Grab a Retired Billboard Vinyl for your next BBQ or Fourth of July get together!

Share your “repurpose” project photos with us!