Land Management

Wood Timbers

Used Wood Timbers are a cost-effective & eco-friendly alternative to use for your woodworking needs.
Wood Timbers can be used to make furniture, light fixtures, fencing for your animals & much more!

Pond Liners

These unused, old stock pond liner are great for roofing, composting & gardening.

Conveyor Belting

Used Rubber Conveyor makes great water gap fencing and water diversion on roads. We have TONS available!!

Steel Octagon Tubing

These unused and surplus Steel Octagon Tubing are great for reinforcing fencing, other infrastructure projects & more! 

Plastic Drums

Our 10 gallon drums would be great for Nursery buckets or seedlings.

Steel Grating

This steel bar grating was once used as part of a catwalk for a warehouse mezzanine system.
Now it is ready for all of your economical & durable solutions!
Capable of handling pedestrian or vehicular loads. 

Plastic Bollard Covers

Bollard cover are useful in adding color to and protecting the front of your building but can also be used for bat habitats, livestock feeders and much more!

Mineral Oil

Unused Mineral Oil that was intended for the pharmaceutical industry can be “repurposed” as a dust suppressor on dirt roads.

Share your “repurpose” project photos with us!