Snow Fence Wood

Our beautiful Reclaimed Snow Fence Wood was previously used on the side of highways to create a barrier that forces windblown, drifting snow to accumulate in a desired place. It has been retired from its snow fence days, but still has some “repurpose” life in them for crafts, wooden decorative walls & so much more.

Reclaimed Semi-Trailer Floor


Steel I-Beam

Steel I-beams can be reused as is or “repurposed” into a unique coffee table or light fixture.

Pickle Jars

These unused, overstock Pickle Jars are perfect for storage and organization. Pickle Jars would also be great “repurposed” as planter.


We have faux, genuine & Naugahyde leather for all of your leather working needs. These leather products are great for upholstery, tool sheaths, bags & crafts.

Metal Conveyor

These Metal Skate Wheel Conveyors are great for architectural “repurposes”. This Skate Wheel Conveyor was “repurposed” into a one-of-a-kind railing design for a restaurant.

Boxcar Flooring

These boards come from old trees felled years ago & used to make train boxcars. They were since disassembled & reclaimed to become your new “repurpose” project, with a history & character that simply can’t be found with standard hardwood flooring!

Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets are so versatile & great for many “repurpose” projects. These used Plastic Pallets can be used as decking for your backyard or made into a number of furniture pieces throughout your home.

Wood Timbers

Used Wood Timbers are a great cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to use for your woodworking needs. Wood Timbers can used for framing, decking and other architecture projects.

Industrial Polymer Floor Tiles

These Industrial Polymer Floor Tiles are great for many “repurposes” such as garages, storage areas, hangar, warehouses, garden, auto shops, offices, gyms, trailer and more!

Hamburger Bun Pans

These steel baking pans make an eye catching accent to an otherwise boring wall.

Surplus Retail Cabinets

These Surplus Cabinets work great for small projects in your garage or tiny home.

Steel Dough Bin

These Steel Dough Bins were previously used in a bakery dough production facility. Now available for any “repurpose” project such as a soaking tub!

IBC Tote

IBC Totes are versatile & perfect for a Jack or Jill Of All Trades! IBC Totes can be “repurposed” as a feeder, aquaponics system, hunting blind or a unique luminary.

Metal Barrels

Metal barrels are versatile, which makes them great for different personal projects. A metal barrel can be “repurposed” into a planter, smoker, caddy & even furniture.


Used Insulation is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative for tiny houses, van builds, or garages.

Plastic Barrels

A Used Plastic Barrel can be “repurposed” into a rain barrel, plant bed, feeder and much more!

Cargo Parachute

These retired Cargo Parachute are functional and unique! A Cargo Parachute would be great “repurposed” as a hammock, shelter, canopy or even a tarp.

Mineral Oil

Unused Mineral Oil that was intended for the pharmaceutical industry can be “repurposed” as an organic wood polisher. Great for woodworking projects and refurbishing wood furniture.

Oak Barrels

Oak Barrels can be “repurposed” into so many new things…whether you’re using the whole barrel, just the tops & bottoms, or even a stave. Oak Barrels can be “repurposed” into a rustic coffee table, unique decor, or even a cozy dog bed!

Plastic Press Boards

These Plastic Press Boards would be great “repurposed” as hot tub underlayment, retaining walls, or an animal pen.

Pine Spacers

These Pine Spacers are great for a variety of projects! Pine Spacers would be great “repuposed” as wall art, planter, dog bowl stand, or a frame.

Pond Liner

These unused, old stock pond liner are great for roofing, composting & gardening.

Steel Wire Racks

These overstock Wire Racks are versatile and can be used in various projects. Wire Racks could make a plant trellis! Need to hang your mug collection? Use a Wire Rack with hooks! Wire Racks can be “repurposed” into shelves for optimal organization.

Bubble Cushion Wrap

Surplus Bubble Wrap is handy in wrapping your collectibles, making cute crafts or just POPING the BUBBLES!


Do you love to cook? The bowlynder is a two in one strainer that makes kitchen clean up much easier!

Ordnance Crate

These rugged steel containers were constructed to protect the contents from moisture & shock. They would be great for survival kits, humidors, tool chests or for any of your hobby storage needs.

Bowling Alley Wood

Retired bowling alley lanes can be “repurposed” in your next wood working project! Reclaimed bowling alley wood would be great as tables or chairs.

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