Steel Wire Racks

These overstock Wire Racks are great “repurposed” as a plant trellis.

Steel I-Beam

Used Steel I-beams can be reused as is or “repurposed” into a garden waterfall feature.

IBC Tote

IBC Totes are versatile & adaptable for many “repurposes” such as a stock pond, hydroponics system, planters or water features for a garden!

Metal Barrels

Metal barrels are versatile, which makes it great for different projects. A metal barrel can be “repurposed” into a planter or even patio furniture!

Plastic Barrels

Plastic Barrels are a cost-effective & eco-friendly alternative for many garden uses! A plastic barrel can be “repurposed” into a rain barrel, outdoor chair, raised garden bed & even an aquaponics system.

Cargo Parachute

These used Cargo Parachutes would be great “repurposed” as a canopy or tarp for your garden.

Industrial Steel

Industrial Steel can be “repurposed” in many different ways such as patio structures, fencing, or unique light fixtures.

Pickle Jars

These unused, overstock Pickle Jars are great for storage & organization. Pickle Jars would also be great “repurposed” as herb planters.

Wood Timbers

Used Wood Timbers are a great cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to use for your woodworking needs. Wood Timbers can used for framing, decking and other architecture projects.

Industrial Polymer Floor Tiles

These Industrial Polymer Floor Tiles are great for many “repurposes” such as garages, storage areas, hangar, warehouses, garden, auto shops, offices, gyms, trailer and more!

Plastic Press Boards

These used Plastic Press Boards are great “repurposed” as retaining walls.

Pond Liner

These unused, old stock pond liner are great for roofing, composting and gardening.

Synthetic Turf

These used Turf rolls are great “repurposed” as roof top grass and other garden projects.

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