Boat Marine

Railroad Rail

Steel railroad rail can be “repurposed” to create a protective border for a pond, fence posts, or railing.

Synthetic Turf

Retired synthetic turf can be “repurposed” to add traction to outdoor steps, marina walkway, or create a warm area for lounging. 

Aluminum Bleachers

These Aluminum Bleacher Planks are great for replacing wood planks on boat docks and ramps. 

Billboard Vinyl

A retired advertising billboard can be “repurposed” as a boat cover or storage cover.

Plastic Pallets

Repurpose” plastic pallets into your next boat dock!

Aerospace Paint

Aerospace Paint has a short shelf life for the aerospace industry due to strict regulations while still useful in most application. Now available for you to “repurpose“, this paint can be used for any of your outdoor equipment such as tractors, trucks or even a rubber ducky boat!

Fire Hose

Fire hose make great, inexpensive chafe guards and dock bumpers.

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