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Plastic Storage Tank on Steel Platform

1500 gallon Plastic Tank on Steel Platform

1500 Gallon Plastic Tank on Steel Platform

Price: $1,000/tank  (2 available)


We have two 1,500 gallon polypropylene tanks for sale. They were used to hold bulk grape juice. The tanks have conical bottoms, a manhole on top, a sealed manhole on the side as well as a 2" threaded hole for a valve on the bottom and on the side.   The tank stands are made of steel and are in good shape.

Shipping Rates for Tanks:  Please call for a shipping quote.

Possible “Repurposes”: Long Term Water StoragePortable Water TankSeptic TanksAquaponicsHydroponic Tanks

NOTE: While we call these repurposed 1500 gallon plastic tanks, others may call them reclaimed 1500 gallon plastic tanks.  Funny, we’ve also heard them being called recycled 1500 gallon plastic tanks.  Then there are those who refer to them as scrap 1500 gallon plastic tanks, seconded 1500 gallon plastic tanks, junk 1500 gallon platic tanks …or maybe even salvaged 1500 gallon plastic tanks!   Remember, whatever “green” or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding 1500 gallon plastic tanks, we’ve got it.