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Plastic Panels

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Plastic Panel Example
These plastic panels are 1 3/4" x 44" x 54".  They have a steel framework covered in plastic. They weigh 55 lbs each so they are definitely heavy duty.  They are flat on both sides with holes in them as you can see. Great for all sorts of creative and useful repurposes!

These panels are only available in quantity loads. See pricing below 


Pallet Load (Qty 20) - $399…just $19.99/panel with FREE shipping in the US
Half Truck (Qty 400) - $3,999…just $9.99/panel with FREE shipping in the US
Full Truck (Qty 800) - $5,999 …just $7.49/panel with FREE shipping in the US

NOTE: While we call this repurposed plastics, others may call it reclaimed plastic panels.  Funny, we’ve also heard it being called recycled plastic panels.  Then there are those who refer to it as scrap plastic panels, seconded plastic panels, junk plastic panels…or maybe even salvaged plastic panels!  Remember, whatever “green” or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding plastic panels, we’ve got it.