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Newsletter Nov 14 2016

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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  WATCH "repurposing" Video Introduction>>
Lastest Edition… Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia
Steel Drum --> Ugly Barrel Smoker (UBS):   "Damon - you always want me to send you pics of my projects so here you go.  There is a UBS cult of guys making these smokers out of 55 and 30 gallon barrels.  30 gallon barrels, in general, are pretty hard to come by so, a big 'thanks" to you for helping me get these barrels." Grover Brittain  RE: Grover, this is awesome!  Our new, unused barrels are perfect for these smokers it sounds like!

Smoker "How To":  Read more from Grover about his UBS smoker below.  
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20 gal & 30 gal Steel Drums.  L: Chicago  Click Here for Pricing>>
How We Work...#1: BEFORE:"Hi Damon, We're an airframe manufacturing company. We hav3 sealed drums of hydraulic oil.  We would like to have them 'repurposed'.  We no longer do chemical processing so these chemicals are surplus." Kip  STATUS:  We made Kip an offer, and he accepted.  We now have the unopened drums for sale.

Q:  Like Kip, do you have obsolete product, chemistry, ingredients, inventory that you'd like out of your warehouse?  
Email Us Details>>

Mobile DTE 10 Excel 15.  We have seven 55 gal drums.  L: Dallas   Contact Us for Pricing>> 
How We Work...#2.  BEFORE:  "Damon, We have 12 Siemens tank level probes.  They are new.  We are a job shop and a few year's ago had an order to manufacture above ground water storage tanks and these were part of a customer's Bill of Material.  We bought some additional probes back in 2012 for additional tanks that did not materialize and now I would like to get whatever I can for them." - Linda  AFTERLinda accepted our deal, and we know have the probes for sale.
Q: Like Linda, to have obsolete inventory, product, equipment that you'd like to get rid of?  
Email Us Details>>

Tank Level Sensors by Siemens.  Qty 12 unused, still-in-the-box sensors.  11' Siemens level probes – Model 2100 - Single Float - Part#: DLS11S50T1F1.   L: Philadelphia  Email for Specs and Pricing>>
Coop Buy.  "Interested in a bulk order of 275 gal totes and 55 gal barrels for a group of farmers and sustainers on the Western Slope!  Please let us know if something can be arranged!" Kirk in Colorado  RE: Smart thinking Kirk!  Yes, shipping no doubt can be expensive for smaller orders so making a cooperative buy makes a lot of sense!

275 gal and 55 gal Containers.  Click here for Location and Inventory>>
2" Rope.  We just got in several coils of 2" x 600' rope.L: DenverOrder Online>>
Roller Conveyors.  We have a large inventory of roller conveyors.  L: Denver  Email for Inventory List>>
Buy 1; Get 1...Polyiso Insulation.  We have LOTS of insulation, so it is on sale this month.  Order Today...303.321.1471!!  L: Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver  Inventory List>>

Turf Underlayment Padding>BEFORE:  These interlocking pieces of expanded polypropylene were used as turf underlayment on a football field.  FOR SALE:  The pieces are 1" x 48" x 48".  We have 60,000 Sq Ft of this underlayment.  L: Denver  Click for Pictures and Pricing>>

*A,C,E:  These pads are sturdy, water permeable, interlocking, etc.  Q:  How could these pads be "repurposed"?  Submit Ideas>> 

Conveyor Belting.  4"-48" widths and 1/8"-1" thicknesss.  L: Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia  Order Online>>

customerFEEDBACK:  "Your used conveyor belting has been a real budget stretching for our snow plowing operations.  We use the wider/thinner stuff for the deflectors, and the thicker/narrower belting for the cutting edges.  We save a ton over buying the new rubber they sell!" Greg Atkins in New York
5th Wheel Steer Trailers.  We just got in twenty of the 36" x 72" carts.  L: Dallas  Click for Pricing>>
Concrete Double T's.  We have 3 of these double T's 8' x 30'.  L: Denver  Email for Pricing>>

Q: How could these Double T's be "repurposed"?  Submit Ideas>>
"I've been thinking of using them on their sides for the walls of an underground greenhouse Called a Walipini in South America.  The ribs would add shelves to put pots & act as thermal mass."Greg Jordan

"We're a waterproofing company.  We've seen these double tees used as house structures.  Think architecturally!"  - Ron Quilliams inNorth Carolina

"As a structural engineer, I have been involved in a number of such re-uses of precast concrete systems  For that kind of re-use, it is important to be able to know the history of how the tees were removed and to inspect them for damage that may have occurred in that removal process." - Bob Hunnes

"You could use them as a dam." - Ron Gilliam

"Seeing those double tees reminds me of a lap swimming pool at a house in France featured in the current edition of Dwell magazine.  Seems like you could turn one of the tees upside down and a have a ready made lap pool." -Ray

Flameless, Portable Heater.  We only have one heater left!  Make/Model: Therm Dynamics 600DR  L: Denver  Click for Pricing>>

customerAPPRECIATION:  We just sold one of our two units to a guy using the heater to heat a portion of his horse riding arena.  Brian, we appreciate your business! 
Rubber Playground Tiles.  1 1/2" x 24" x 36"  L: Chicago  Click for Tile Pricing>>

customerAPPRECIATION:  As we've said, these playground tiles never last long.  Last week we sold out of all our tiles in Philadelphia, and we sold all of one size out in Chicago.  All the tiles are going to used as flooring at an Arizona recycling facility.  Gabby, we appreciate your business!  

Insulated Pavers.  These are highly engineered 2' x 4' panels that are a combination of lightweight concrete adhered to foam insulation.  L: Atlanta, Philadelphia  Click Here for Insulated Paver Prices>>

repurposedSUGGESTION:  "Your insulated roofing pavers would make great skirting for a mobile home." - Jason Feagans in Indiana

: What other "repurposes" can you think of for these combo insulation/concrete panels?  
Submit Ideas>>
Glass.  Do you have glass...surplus, used, insulated, tempered, tinted, or your warehouse or coming off a job that you'd like to keep out of the landfill?  We might be able to help!  Send Glass Details>> 

RE:  "Damon, We have over 56 pieces of double pane store front glass that I would love to not see get thrown in the garbage.  The windows were installed in the summer of 2006 and are getting replaced due to performance application in a healthcare setting. In other words there is nothing wrong with them, they are not preforming to the standards that I require." Erick
Demolition Possibility.  "See the attached photos of the bowstring trusses. the auto body shop is from the 1940's I believe. There are five total and each are approximately 71' long. We would be able to remove, load, and ship them to you guys. Demo is set to being somewhere between middle of December and middle of January. I would hate to demo and dispose of these so hopefully you guys might be interested." Pat  RE: Pat, we're absolutely interested!!!

Q:  Do you have an upcoming demolition project where you'd like to save some $$$ or increase your landfill diversion %?  Email Demo Details>>
environmentallyCHALLENGED:  Do you have an industrial property(s) with environmental problems?  If so, would you like to sell the property and transfer the liability headaches on to another party?  If "yes" to both, we're interested in talking to you.  Please, Contact Us>>
repurposedINBOX.  "Hello. I am in engineering at Nestle Purina. We are beginning a zero-waste program and are looking for a way to recycle our used conveyor belts.  Thank you." Daniel

: Like Daniel, does your organization need help with obsolete materials, products, ingredients, equipment, etc. in your efforts to reach Zero Waste?  If yes, 
Send Details>>
Steel Drum --> Ugly Barrel Smoker (UBS):   "Damon - you always want me to send you pics of my projects so here you go.   This is one of the barrels that you helped me get from your Chicago location.  There is a UBS cult of guys making these smokers out of 55 and 30 gallon barrels.   As you would expect it is very difficult to find  30 gallon barrels that haven't been used to transport petroleum products.  Thirty gallon barrels, in general, are pretty hard to come by so, a big 'thanks" to you for helping me get these barrels.  I've only smoked chicken (see the attached pic) and pork shoulders so far.  I'm looking forward to trying a turkey for Thanksgiving.  The pork is wrapped in the foil under the hanging chickens in the attached picture.   The air intake pipe is made from a 2 inch end pipe from a chain link fence.  While smoking, the lid is closed only allowing intake air from that black stand pipe with the adjustable sliding top.  This is the temp control mechanism as I like my temp in the 250 to 325 degree range.  These barrels are all one piece which means the top needs to be cut to make the lid.  The fill port on the top of the barrel (the lid after it is cut)  uses a pipe thread which makes it very easy to make the exhaust vent." Grover Brittain

20 gal & 30 gal Steel Drums.  L: Chicago  
Click Here for Pricing>>
waste/basedBUSINESS.   repurposedMATERIALS is actively seeking opportunities to acquire, partner, or joint venture with companies that have unique, durable niches within the re-use, re-manufacturing, re-blending, re-moval, marketplace.  Contact Us>>
* A.C.E.  This acronym stands for AttributesCharacteristicsEngineering.  We use this acronym to tell you a little about a used material and what qualities it has in hopes that someone can find a "repurpose" for it.  Asked another way...what did the material do in its 1st life that might help identify a very different, 2nd life for it?
repurposedWEBINAR  Q: Would you like to learn more about our mission/concept of "repurposing"?  Damon Carson, our founder, will give you an introduction in this 45 minutes webinar.  Register at this link, and you'll be able to access the video to view>>