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Newsletter May 3, 2017

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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>   
In this Edition Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia
AUCTION...Gym Bleacher Wood - Ends Tonight -  Some of our damaged wood is up for auction.  L: Denver  Click to Bid>>

repurposedPROJECT:  "We were searching for a unique backdrop to put in our bar area for our antique basketball scoreboard. After finding your company online we made a trip to Denver to look at your inventory. We saw the old bleacher wood! We fell in love! As you can see, it all came together perfectly! The wall has become the focal point of our basement and is the talk of every party we host!" - Melanie Godsey

ONLINE AUCTION...Stucco Products.  L: Denver  Click for the Auction>>

BEFORE:  "We have multiple pallets of El-Rey brand stucco products.  You interested?" - Rico  STATUS:  Rico accepted our offer, and now we're including some of the stucco products in this weeks auction.  

Q: Like Rico, do you have product or inventory you'd like out-of-the-warehouse and off-the-books?  If yes, 
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Change of Address.  "I am about to retire but love your emails and may want to get into this business when I leave my current job.   Please add my personal email to your lists. [email protected] if you have a need for an Ohio-based contact, please let me know." Bob Steinbach

"I would like to also get your great problem-solving newsletters sent to my personal email address, too.  Send it to [email protected]." - Marvin Radke

ONLINE AUCTION...3/16" Stainless Steel Tubing.  - Auction Ends Tonight - This is unused, surplus inventory.  L: Denver  Click to Bid>>

Before:  This tubing came from a laparoscopic surgery instrument manufacturer.  They changed the specs on their tubing, so this inventory became obsolete.  As you can imagine, this tubing is super high quality!

Possibilities:  "We had an artist suggest making a sculpture out of your tubing.  I think at least two boxes but will need to have him do the math." Doug  RE: Yeah, how about something like this art sculpture of Muhammad Ali?

"You should contact windchime manufacturers." - Kristy Stommel

ONLINE AUCTION...Face Masks.  - Auction Ends Tonight -  This is unused, surplus inventory.  L: Denver  Click to Bid>>
repurposedPRODUCTS see all PRODUCTS>>
Locations:  (303-321-1471) DenverChicagoAtlantaDallasPhiladelphia
AUCTION...Semi Trailer Flooring.   - Auction Ends Tonight -   Some of our damaged wood is up for auction.  L: Denver  Click to Bid>>

repurposedPROJECT:  Cool walls from our unused trailer flooring.  John, great looking project!   
AUCTION...Pipe, Pipe, Pipe. - Auction Ends Tonight -  Steel pipe, PVC pipe.  Lots of different diameters.  L: Denver  Click to Bid>>
BEFORE:  "I was given your name by Lindsey as a resource for 'repurposing' materials. I know she has connected with you guys on our behalf in the past after our US Open Snowboarding event in Vail, CO. Per usual, we will have a ton of coroplast, vinyl, mesh that we’d love to avoid having go into the landfill." -Dana w/ Burton Snowboards  STATUS:  All these banners are up for bid in our online auction!  

Q: Like Dana, do you have materials from an event that you're done with that you'd like to see go to a new home?  If yes, 
Email Details>>

ONLINE AUCTION.  - Ends Tonight -  1,000's of feet of mesh vinyls are up for bid from the U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships.  L: Denver  Click for Auction>>

AUCTION... Insulation.  Bunks of both Polyiso and EPS insulation in this auction.  L: Dallas, Denver  Click to Bid>>
ONLINE AUCTION...Insulated Boxes.  Auction ends tonight -  We have a semi trailer load of insulated, ThermoSafe boxes for sale.  L: Atlanta  Click for Auction>>
repurposedCUSTOMER:  "Damon, We use these type of boxes to send soil samples to the lab for testing." - Jack

Online Auction.  Stuff is available from all 5 of our locations. - Ends Wed, May 3rd @ 8pm EST/6pm MST -  L: Philadelphia, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta  Click to Bid>>

NOTE:  We use our online auctions to sell a lot of the materials that are too small in quantity to be featured on the website or in our newsletter.  So, don't miss out! 
CLICK HERE to See ALL Auction Items - Auction Includes:   BILLBOARD VINYLS (15) - BREAD DOLLIES (8) - CONTAINERS (26) - EQUIPMENT (4) - FABRIC (5) - FOAM (2) - IMPORTANT INFO (10) - INSULATION (13) - MISCELLANEOUS (22) - PAINT STUCCO (9) - PALLETS (6) - PIPE (21) - ROPE (8) - RUBBER (18) - STEEL (16) - TURF (11) - VINYL LATTICE (4) - WOOD (19)
T_1817255.JPG  Lots of warehouse lights....READ MORE or BID>>
T_1817405.JPG   Steel Bolt Bins.... READ MORE or BID>>>

T_1817825.JPG Insulated Glass...READ MORE OR BID>>
T_1817705.JPG Several types/styles of rope...READ MORE OR BID>>
AUCTION...3/4" Steel Cable.  - Auction Ends Tonight -  L: Philadelphia  Click to Bid>>

repurposedBUYER: We sold several spools of steel cable to a wood treating facility.  They cut the steel cable into 96" lengths and then use the cable as "spacers" between the wood so the chemicals completely permeate the wood on all four sides.  

ONLINE AUCTION...N4X Polycarbonate Enclosures.  - Ends Tonight -  These are waterproof boxes made to house electronics.  Mftg by  Qty 996 – 17” x 15” x 9”; Qty 418 – 20” x 16” x 7” L: Denver  Click for Auction>>

"On golf courses to hold score cards, food items." - Paul

"These would be great for geocaching and/or field notebook storage." - Chad

"A 'Disaster Box' to protect important papers, currency, etc. in case of disaster. Specifically, home destruction and floodings." - Ken Arnold

"These would be ideal for some solar farm installations.  Now that would be the ultimate environmental win...renewable energy made possible in part by re-using unwanted boxes." - Dale Simmons


Super Bowl Invitation.  "We are hosting the next Super Bowl here in Minneapolis next January.  Are you interested in being a resource/outlet for some of the materials that will be leftover from the game and the other festivities that we want to keep out of the landfill?" Madalyn Cioci w/ State of Minnesota  REMadalyn, thanks for thinking of us.  Yes, we'd be interested in helping divert event materials from the landfill.

Q: Like Madalyn, do you have materials that you'd like to divert from the landfill?  We might could help!  
Email Us Details>>

Media Coverage Our efforts in trying to find a "repurpose" for the 60,000 sq ft prison made the Denver nightly news last week.  (We'd appreciate it if you shared the link on Facebook!)  Watch 9News Story>>
Learn More...about repurposedMATERIALS.  Watch 2 Minute Introduction Video>>  
* A.C.E.  This acronym stands for AttributesCharacteristicsEngineering.  We use this acronym to tell you a little about a used material and what qualities it has in hopes that someone can find a "repurpose" for it.  Asked another way...what did the material do in it's 1st life that might help identify a very different, 2nd life for it?