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Newsletter March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017     Please FORWARD to a friend or colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>   
In this Edition Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia
Surprise!!!  While we primarily deal in used materials, sometimes we get surprised when new materials show up along with the used stuff!  That is the case with this new, unused conveyor belting we got in a deal in Louisiana.

Unused Conveyor Belting.  2,000' of 18" wide, 2-ply, 220 PIW 3/16" top cover belting.  L: Dallas  Email for Details and Pricing>>

UHMW Polyethylene (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Flat Bar Stock.  (Qty 35 - 4" x 12" x 18')  L: Denver  Email for UHMW Details and Pricing>>

backSTORY:  This is unused bar stock that was rejected by the U.S. Coast Guard for a big marine project in Oregon because the color was wrong.  Can you believe that?  Anyway, the MSRP on this bar stock is $80,000.  Our price is significantly less!

repurposeIDEA:  "We would use this as stock to 3D machine as cutting samples on milling machines (metal CNCmilling machines) to cut as check samples before chucking in very expensive hunks of metal.  These samples would be what we hand to the client for them to approve before making one out of steel, titanium or other exotic alloys.  The samples end up having no real value other than for the client to measure for tolerance and approve." David Schneider

Surplus Roofing Membrane.  This is PVC roofing membrane.  It is UV protective coating.  Roll sizes are approximately 5' x 100' and 10' x 150'.  L: Chicago, Philadelphia  Click Here for Dimensions and Pricing>>

Q: Obviously, this membrane could go on a roof, but how else could this thick PVC membrane with UV protection be "repurposed"?  Submit Ideas>>

repurposedINBOX.  "I am a Quality Manager at my facility.  I want to see if we can offer our material to be 'repurposed'.  I'm not sure that you can help but we would like to be a part of this initiative." - Taleshia w/ Saint-Gobain  RE:Taleshia, the next step is easy.  Please send us pics, description, quantity, location, dimensions, etc...of the products or materials you would like for us to consider for "repurposing"!

Q:  Like Taleshia, do you have waste or excess inventory you'd like us to consider?  Email Us Details>> 
repurposedOPPORTUNITY:  "We have a large amount of a chemically engineered zeolite.  We have 750 tons (yes, 35 truckloads) of unopened, unused inNew England.  The product this was purchased for we no longer manufacturer.  It is molecular sieve type 13x." - Danielle  Q: Do you know a lot about zeolite and molecular sieve material?  If yes, we'd like to talk to you.  We need to educate ourselves on this material!  Please call Damon at 303.321.1471 or Email Damon>>
Q:  Do you have obsolete chemistry or ingredients you'd like out of your warehouse?  We might could help!  Send Us Details>>

Zycosil (multi surface sealer)  L: Denver  Email for Details on Zycosil>>

Aluminum Oxide Hydroxide (Make/Model: Nabeltec Apyral AOH 30)  L: Chicago  Click here for AOH>>

Zonyl 8740 (stone and masonry sealer)  L: Atlanta  Click here for Zonyl details>>

Sanotracin (hydrogen peroxide-based sporicidal disinfectant)  L: Chicago  Email for Details on Sanotracin>>

Catalyzed Persulfate (for environmental remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater)  L: Denver  Email for Details on Persulfate>>
repurposedPRODUCTS see all PRODUCTS>>
Locations:  (303-321-1471) DenverChicagoAtlantaDallasPhiladelphia
How We Work.  BEFORE:  "I am looking to recycle some old beer transfer hoses. They are 25' long with DN 50 stainless steel fittings on the ends.  I was wondering if you would deal on items such as this?" - Kelly  AFTER:  Kelly accepted our offer and we now have the hoses for sale. 

Brewery Hose.  Qty 8 - 25' hoses and Qty 1 - 20' hose.  L: Denver  Email for Hose Details and Pricing>>

Used Climbing Rope.  Finally, we’ve got more climbing rope in.  These retired ropes primarily come out of climbing gyms so they haven’t rec’d much, if any, exposure to the outdoors.  WARNING: These ropes are NOT to be re-used for any life supporting purposes!  Order Online>>

repurposedCUSTOMER "Here is a picture of my climbing rope rug, I think it turned out great!  If I ever decide to do another one, I’ll be in touch." - Shelli

Turf Pad Underlayment.  BEFORE:  These interlocking pieces of expanded polypropylene were used as turf underlayment on a football field.  FOR SALE:  The pieces are 1" x 48" x 48".  We have 40,000 Sq Ft of this underlayment.  L: Denver  Click for Pictures and Pricing>>

*A,C,E:  These pads are sturdy, water permeable, interlocking, etc.  Q:  How could these pads be "repurposed"?  Submit Ideas>> 

repurposedCUSTOMER:  A customer bought two pallets of pads last week for padding for his daughters gymnastics area in his pole barn. Ryan, we appreciate your business!

Highway Overhead Sign Structures.  We just got in an aluminum box truss and a galvanized steel structure for overhead highway signs.  L: Chicago  Email for details>>

repurposedIDEA:  "The aluminum box truss could be a great frame structure for a portable climbing wall.  The lightweight aluminum would make great for towing versus heavier steel." Mike Skladanek  

Cardboard Rings.  BEFORE"We are a small industrial sewing company in Wisconsin.  These cardboard ring pieces are the substructure for making ottomans that we have since discontinued.  They are still in original packaging and are already palletized and ready to ship.  About 900 of them...a full truckload.Joe  STATUSJoe accepted our offer, and we now have these rings for sale.  L: Chicago  If interested in purchasing, Contact Us>>

repurposedINQUIRY:  Christina called about the cardboard rings.  She is with a parrot rescue called The Gabriel Foundation.  She is interested in the cardboard rings for the parrots to chew on.  You may find it funny, but people "repurposing" materials for "animal enrichment" is big!  

Parking Lot Fabric.  This is a very tough geotextile material used originally as a temporary parking lot surface.  (The thick plastic middle layer is pictured below) L: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver  Click Here for Pricing>>

repurposedINBOX:  "I am a builder and developer and with the heavy rain we are getting stuck on many of our jobsites.  Do you have access to any type of materials such as landing mats or geotech type of support for our trucks and vehicles to cross a muddy site?" Tom in Georgia  RE:  Tom, Our heavy duty parking lot fabric might be a solution.

EVA Rubber Sheets.  Several colors of sheets.  Most sheets around 36" x 36" with some variation.  20,000+ Sq Ft available.  L: Chicago   Email for More Details>> 

"It is quite common to add ground tennis shoes to the material in an equine performance ring (like sand). It holds moisture and provides shock absorption. A professional horse facility should have an interest. It would need to be ground into small pieces before being added to the arena sand." -Greg Smith

"Years ago I looked high and low for a piece of this rubber to make a practice drum pad.  Mounted a 5 in x 5 in piece recessed in an inclined piece of wood, to practice drum rolls, etc.  Couldn't afford drums." - Greg Rubin

Turf for Non-Profits  L: Philadelphia

Special Offer:  We want to give back!  For a limited time, we are offering turf at NO COST to any non-profit that is interested in a full truckload(s).  All you have to do is send a truck and we'll load you up with turf!!!  This opportunity is only available on turf in our of Philadelphia location.  Email for More Details>>

Inquiry:  "We are interested in your generous off of turf at zero cost.  We can act quickly." - Deborah w/ Space Camp in Huntsville, AL


  Nordson Horizon 400 powder coating system  L: Atlanta  Email for Details on Heaters>>

  Clean 20 Process Water Filter  L: Dallas  
Click here for Auction>>

   Hyster 225E forklift (22.5 ton)  L: Chicago  Click here for More Information>>
  industrial Wheel Washer  L: Denver  Email for Details on Washer>>
Railroad Rail.  L: Denver  Click Here for Lengths and Pricing>>

repurposedPROJECT One of our precast concrete pipe manufacturers purchased a bunch of railroad rail to use as part of their assembly line where they tip out their pipes after they've dried.  Jeff, we appreciate your order.  And, remember you promised us pictures once you incorporate the rails into your assembly line...our readers will want to see them!  

WANTED:  Pictures.  We appreciate all of you who send in your pictures of your various "repurposing" projects.  Q:  Do you have a pictures you could send us?  If yes, Email Pictures>>
Warehouse Carts.  We just got in a bunch these warehouse carts.  Just go to Pinterest to see all the things people do with these carts.  L: Chicago Email for Pricing>>

Propane Tanks.   Now in stock...250 gal, 500 gal, & 1,000 gal propane tanks.  L: Denver  Click Here for Pricing>> 


WANTED:  Structural Steel.  Do you have used or surplus steel in your warehouse that you'd like to deal on?  Maybe steel from a discontinued product, an over order on a project, etc.  We pay MORE than scrap prices!  Email Details>>
Steel Cable.  We have multiple diameters of unused galvanized steel cable.  Click Here for Cable Prices>>

productHISTORY Yes, this is unused cable.  It comes from a manufacturing process where they need super long lengths of continuous cable.  When the spool gets down under 500' of cable they put on a new big spool.  So, the the cable we have is the drops or remnants left over.  So, for example, one of our 4,000' spools is actually multiple 100'-500