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Newsletter - June 6, 2016

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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
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CHEMISTRY/INGREDIENT Edition… Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia
Surplus Nuclear Waste Storage Modules.  "Damon, we have these unused, huge concrete structures made to safely and securely hold spent fuel at our nuclear power plant.  Think of these as precast structures as a mausoleum for nuclear waste.  They slide big cylinders holding the waste into these precast structures for storage.  They weigh an incredible 164,000 lbs per module." Sabrina  NOTE:  If you are interested in acquiring these, please contact us!

Q: How can these 19' x 10' x 12 1/2', 164,000 lb precast concrete structures be "repurposed"?  Submit Ideas>>

How We Work:  "I was referred to your company by a colleague regarding some unique insulating material that we have in excess.  The material is a form of aerogel called Nanogel by Cabot. We used it to insulate an experimental oil well.  The material was quite expensive when we purchased it.  The unit cost is about $6,100/cubic meter!  There is nothing wrong with this stuff.  We just need to clear out our warehouse.  In addition, I am sure Cabot Corporation would be thrilled to hear about some unique, new use for the Nanogel." Leonard  

Nanogel.  We have 3 bulk bags of this product.  L: Denver   Contact Us for Details & Pricing>> 

A) How We Work:  BEFORE"Hi Damon, We're an airframe manufacturing company.  We have sealed drums of hydraulic oil.  We would like to have them repurposed.  We no longer do chemical processing so these chemicals are surplus." Kip  STATUS:  We made Kip an offer, and he accepted.  We now have the unopened drums for sale.

Mobile DTE 10 Excel 15.  We have seven 55 gal drums.  L: Dallas   Contact Us for Pricing>> 
repurposedINBOX:  "Damon, Every year we spend thousands of dollars in R&D waste chemicals from our pilot and laboratory operations.  We often find ourselves disposing of unused chemicals – many in their original containers which have expired (from a manufacturer’s standpoint).  As noted, these are raw material ingredients for some of our consumer products.  We are not looking for another waste contractor, but possibly someone who might be interested in 'repurposing'" Bill w/ Church & Dwight  RE:Bill, yes, we might be able to help.  Send us details of your inventory!

Q:  Do you have new, unopened powders and products, chemistry, ingredients, etc...that would be a candidate for "repurposing"?  Contact Us w/ Details>> 


B) NL Defender WP-100.  This product is rolled, brushed, or sprayed on.  It dries to form clear protective coating over non-porous materials.  When the job is finished, you just peel it off.  The product provides temporary protection to surfaces like glass, metals, fiberglass, plastics, etc.  L: Atlanta  For more info and pricing, Contact Us>>

repurposedIDEA:  "Damon-Love the newsletter! This looks like a product I could use in small quantities to protect metal sculpture during shipping and installation." Bob

SanotracinRTU.  This is a sporicidal disinfectant cleaner.  Qty: Eleven 275 gal totes.  The active ingredient is 4-5% Hydrogen Peroxide.  L: Chi Read SDS Sheet>>  Make Offer - We are open to offers on a single tote or on all 11.  Email Offer>>

"Another use for this chemical is to eliminate mold spores and have proved to be a very effective method to eliminate mold." 
Ron Pass

Multi Surface Sealer.  We just did a deal for 4,000 liters of the super concentrated sealer Zycosil.  Location: Denver  Click Here for Product Details>>

backSTORY:  The chemistry behind this multi surface sealer was originally developed to seal the heat tiles on the underside of the Space Shuttle while it sat on the launch pad during rainstorms.

C) mustGO
How We Work:  BEFORE: "Damon, Our company has five 55 gallon plastic drums of Zonyl 8740...a Sealer.  We changed to a different chemical in our process.  We can still use this material but at an extremely low rate and would rather move it than hang onto it for many years." Tab  OFFER:  "I got the sample last week and tried it. I like the product for our concrete sealing.  I could give it a try at $1000 for one 55 gal drum." -Steve  NOTESteve, got a great deal!  This stuff retails for $8,500/drum

Dupont Zonyl 8740.  The Zonyl 8740 is a penetrating sealer for porous, less porous, and polished stone surfaces.  We have 5 drums left.  L: Atlanta  For more info and pricing, Make Offer>>
Blue Silica Gel.  Qty 12 - 500kg sacks.  L: Den  Click Here for Product Details>>  

Powder Coating.  We got in about 25,000 lbs leftover powder coating that was overspray, etc. from a big operation.  Colors are black and grays.  L: Chi  Contact Us for Details>>

repurposedSUGGESTION:  "An option may be to sell it to a job shop at a very cheap price with no warranty attached. It is possible that it could be used for functional purposes only, e.g., corrosion protection, primer coat, underhood applications, or frame protection . . . applications that are not seen by the end user." - Trena  RETrena, great suggestions.  Yes, we're willing to sell this cheap!

"Blend the paint overspray with epoxy resin and cast multi-colored blanks used in woodturning.  Turners pay good money for unique castings." - Tom

" I use it for coating various farm items and don’t care about color." - Jim

"They could also be used as a primer on raw steel parts." - Robert

"Several manufacturers of paints for artists periodically collect the pigments from their ventilation and wash equipment, and formulate a special lot of paint--and sell it!  Gamblin's Torrit Gray (sludge) is a prized neutral among oil painters." - Pat

"For the powder coating, you can put it in asphalt products as a filler/extender." - Aaron
Surplus LATEX Paint.  We got a bunch of surplus indoor/outdoor, latex paint from a multi project job.  Best of all...the paint is white!   Email for MSDS and Details>> 

5 gal Buckets
 Yes, we've heard your requests to offer the paint in smaller quantities.  We now are making the white paint available in 5 gal pails (minimum order is 50 gallons)!!!

customerSUGGESTION:  "Add something like a Durabond, or any powdered packing compound, to your surplus paint to make excellent ‘block filler’ for porous cinder blocks and other masonry walls.  This preparatory coating creates a less porous, smoother painting surface.” Dan E commercial painting contractor in Illinois 
Plastic Conveyor Belting.  We took in multiple types of new, unused specialty plastic conveyor belting.  Location: Denver  Click Here for Make/Model and Pricing of Belts>> 
Packaging Equipment.  This equipment was made by Nigrelli, Alliance stainless conveyors, etc.  L: Den  We have a complete inventory list of what we have for sale.  To receive the list, Email Us>>

repurposedREFERRAL"Damon, I saw your old Pepsi canning machine on one of your articles.  Kettle House brewing in Missoula MT is expanding to a much bigger plant and do use aluminum, maybe they are a great place for the equipment?  Love what you do!" - Cynthia RE: Cynthia, we appreciate the referral!

D) relatedPRODUCTS
20 gal Steel Drums.  Qty 450+ barrels.  19" Dia x 21 1/2" H.  L: Chi  Email Offer>>
Insulated Boxes.  We have a semi trailer load of insulated, ThermoSafe boxes for sale.    L: Atl  Click Here for Product Details>>   

MAKE OFFER - We are open to any offers on large quantity purchases of these boxes.  Email Offer>>

offerACCEPTED:  "Damon, I would offer $6.00 per box on a trial order.  We use these type of boxes to send soil samples to the lab for testing." - Jack
Meat Trays.  We just took in 300,000 (yes, that is the correct #) of these meat trays.  These are brand new, still-in-the-box.  These would be ideal for a deli or grocery chain.  L: Dallas  Email Us for Sizes, Quantities, and Pricing>>
E) repurposedMATERIALS
Rubber Skeletons.  These are 36" x  25' long rolls of multiple ply rubber where  parts have been cut out.  These are pretty much like the steel skeletons we have but this is rubber and so it has different attributes like it is flexible and much longer per piece.  ORDER ONLINE>>

Q: How could these rubber skeletons be "repurposed"?  Email Ideas>>

"If anyone has to put a trail or road in in soft soil, you could use the rubber skeleton as a structural member under your roadway." - Bill

"Depending on the size of the cut section it could be used as a snow fence used up here in Canada for area were there lots of wind, it create a retaining wall." Daniel

"If they are somewhat strong, a roll or part of a roll could be used as a "sand ladder" for vehicles. I live in Bermuda Dunes, CA and a number of people do not have 4-wheel drive and even 4-wheel drive does not work on soft sand." Greg

Turf.  L: Chi, Atl, Den, DFW  Click Here for Turf Pricing>>

repurposedPROJECT:  "I am interested in a 62' x 36' piece of turf as a geotextile for solid stabilization of base aggregate for my horse paddocks." - Susan Weis  
Food Grade Plastic Pallets.  We just got in a bunch of food grade/FDA plastic pallets.  Most pallets are 40" x 48".  Pallet Pricing>> 

repurposedPROJECT:  "These heavy plastic pallets make great floors for outdoor showers or anywhere where you need flooring with great drainage.  They have them at a local church camp.  And pallets are very cost effective for flooring!"Jack McAdams in Iowa
Netting.  Large sections...15' x 60', 12' x 90', etc...of barrier netting available.  Check Out Net Prices>>

repurposedCUSTOMER:  A customer with a whole Suburban load, and then some, of netting to "repurpose" as perimeter netting around a youth soccer field.  Selby, we appreciate your business!

Bad White Wine.  PROBLEM:  "We have a bunch of white wine in 750 ml bottles.  It was shipped wrong (supposed to be red wine). It was left out in the warm temperature and they will not put it on the retail shelf. Not intended for human consumption. There are 100 cases of 12 on 2 pallets. It is free to a good home that doesn’t want to drink it." Ben  SOLUTIONQ:  How can this wine be "repurposed"?  Email Ideas>>
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