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Newsletter - July 5 2016

July 5, 2016     Please FORWARD to a friend or colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
In this Edition… Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia

Fire Hose.  We got a delivery of more fire hose last week.  So, we have quite a variety to choose from!  L: Chi, Atl, DFW, Phi, Den  Click Here for Hose Sizes and Prices>>

repurposedSMARTS:  "When I was in the Navy, we used old Fire Hoses as 'chafe guards' for various lines from ship to shore including our power cord, our water line and our mooring lines.  Anything that would get rubbed from the ships constant motion with respect to the dock."  -Clinton  Clinton, we love it.  

Q:  Do you have a industrial "repurpose" you've seen that intrigued or seemed just plain smart?
 Email Us your "repurpose">>


Conveyor Belting.  L: Chi, Atl, DFW, Phi, Den  Click Here for Conveyor Sizes and Prices>>

repurposedSMARTS:  "Damon, We were visiting Yellowstone Nat'l Park last week.  I thought of you when I saw this old conveyor belting rolled out across a freshly seal coated parking lot.  It was awfully nice not have to walk in the sticky, gunky coating!"  - Tim Schuh  


repurposedARCHITECTURE: The architect for Cactus Advertising "repurposed" railroad rail into a cool exterior design detail for their offices.  See larger pictures and learn more about this project by clicking on one of the pictures below.  

Railroad Rail.  L: Denver  Click Here for RR Pricing>>


Media Coverage.  The Wilmington News Journal wrote a nice story..."Turning Junk Into Gold"... about us yesterday in their July 4th edition.  Jeff thanks for writing the piece, and Sam (our manager) you make a pretty good model!   Read Article>>

Off-Spec Drumsticks.  "I have 120,000 Hickory wood dowels on 20 pallets. These are 'outs' from drumstick blanks.  They measure 0.75” in diameter and 18.5” in length.  Because they are 'outs', they can have some discoloration and some tight sound knots." - Eli 

Q: Like Eli, do you have any surplus or off-spec product or inventory that would be a candidate for "repurposing"?  Email Details>>

"Timber frame construction might be able to make use of 3/4" dowels for pegging wood to wood connections." - Andrea 

"These could be cut down into fillets to make parquet flooring." - Paul Farrow

"These would make awesome bird perches, so long as the wood has not been treated with harmful chemicals! " - Nicole

"They would be good for carving fishing lures." Brian Allanson

"The newest craze is that 'Pound' workout where they mix exercise and drumming. These could be possibly made into drum sticks for that because they aren't really looking for them to sound good." -Seth Katolas


repurposedART:  "Damon, thought you might like this." Terry  RE: Terry, thanks for sending!


repurposedPRODUCTS see all PRODUCTS>>
Locations:  (303-321-1471) DenverChicagoAtlantaDallasPhiladelphia

Bleacher Wood.  L: Phi, Den, Chi, Atl  Click for Species and Prices>> 

"As promised – here are a few more photos of your Bleacher Wood 'in action'!  Attendees loved the countertop. It was a great conversation starter." Brianna Castillo w/ event marketing company in California

Turf.  L: Den, Chi, Atl  Click Here for Turf Sizes and Prices>>

repurposedCUSTOMER:  "This 3 story heavy timber loft style building was erected in 1863 and has had many lives, surviving the Chicago fire for one.  It sits on the edge of downtown where this view of the beautiful Chicago skyline can be seen.  You can see the raised bed gardens where we are growing organic vegetables and flowers. While the roof has always been great for 'stealing' some outside space in the city- the addition of your Turf has made it all usable and so beautiful.  The Turf even protects the roof and helps stabilize water run off.  We are thrilled!!!" - R.S. in Chicago 

Ski Barrier Safety Netting.  This is safety netting from the FIS World Cup Ski circuit.  The orange rolls are 12' wide and pink rolls are 6' wide.  It has 3" squares.  This is awesome netting!!!  Click her for Net Pricing>>

repurposedPROJECT: "This netting makes for great netting to make slow feeders for horses.  There are all kinds of advantages to covering hay with netting...they eat slower so they're not bored, it mimics the slow pace of natural grazing, less hay waste, etc." - Julie Eaton in New Mexico

repurposedENGINEERING:  We love our customers and their resourceful smarts.  Jay, a composer in Spokane, WA, purchased a bunch of our narrow conveyor belting.  He is building a recording studio.  His contractor told him to use conveyor belting on the ends of the studs when framing to make it free floating framing. This he said will cut down on the rumble from the music vibration in the walls. Great Idea!!!  

Narrow Conveyor Belting.  L: Denver, Dallas  
Click Here for Sizes and Pricing>>


Fiberglass Utility Poles.  We have 200+ utility poles made by   The poles range from 30'-45' in length.  L: Dallas  Email for Inventory & Pricing>>

Gym Floor.  We just got in the home basketball floor of the Univ of Arizona Wildcats.  There are two cool things about this floor: 1) obviously, it is the floor of a well known team; 2) The floor has already been separated and de-nailed. Q: Do you know any Wildcats alumni?  If yes, please forward this opportunity.  L: Dallas  Click Here for Pricing>>

repurposedCUSTOMER:  Dennis, in Texas, we appreciate your order.  We can't wait to see pictures after you install this gym flooring in your tree house project!


Filter Cloth.  These are very tough, strong filter cloths (6' x 10') from the beverage press process...think apple juice.  L: Denver   Filter Cloth pricing>> 

repurposedPROJECT: "I have used filter clothes for years as game bags. They are very strong, allow air in to cool meat, can be layed out flat to wrap up the meat easier and carried easily. They are washed and reused year after year. Happy hunting!" - Dennis Zanto


Rubber Rolls.  New, unused rolls are 1/8" x 56" x 100-200'.  (NOTE: The blue fabric is protective layers between the black rubber.)  L: Denver  Click for Pricing>>

repurposedIDEA:  "I'm going to do some measuring.  This 1/8" rubber would make a great irrigation ditch liner to keep from losing so much water to the ground.  And heck, the blue fabric will just protect it from the sun a few more years." - Bill Adams in Utah

Wire Panels.  BEFORE:  These wire panels were manufactured to install on the outside of large commercial air conditioners to keep balls, birds, etc. out.  AFTER:  We just sold 9 panels to a cat lover building a "catuary".  Jeanne, we appreciate your business!  L: Chicago & Denver   Click for Sizes and Prices of Wire Panels>>

Foundation Form I-Beams.  These are specialty 3" x 8" wooden I-beams originally used in the specialty concrete foundation form business.  L: Atlanta  Make Offer...Email Offer>>

brownfieldOPPORTUNITY.  We have available a 10 acre infill site in the major college town of Lubbock, TX...home of Texas Tech University.  This 10 acre site was an unpermitted landfill back in the 1950's-60's.  The properties on all sides of the 10 acre site have been completely built out.    Email us for more Information>>
WANTED:  Do you have an industrial property(s) with environmental problems?  If so, would you like to sell the property and transfer the liability headaches on to another party?  If "yes" to both, we're interested in talking to you.  Please, Contact Us>>

RE“Damon:  I manage environmental clean-up sites for a power company.  I’ve got one 300 parcel that we bought back in 1973 (for a power plant expansion that never happened) from major oil company.  They discharged at least 250,000 tons of waste sediment (a mix of carbon black with hydrocarbons, PAH’s, and metals).  We’re now sitting on this surplus property that has a significant clean-up liability. You asked for problem properties, this definitely fits.  Feel free to give me a call if you have any interest." - Bob


4th of July.   In honor of Independence Day, we're going to focus this edition on Explosions and BBQ! 


explosionPROTECTION.  Last week we sold a 500'+ of used conveyor belting to the demolition company that is imploding the Hells Canyon Bridge in Arizona.  They are going to wrap the areas where they install the explosive charges with the conveyor belt to prevent shrapnel from projecting out when they denote the explosives.  Pretty ingenious!!  Patrick, we appreciate your business!

Conveyor Belting.  L: Chi, Atl, DFW, Phi, Den  Click for Sizes and Prices>>

Q:  Do you have an upcoming demolition project that might have items that could/should be salvaged?  Email Us>>
repurposedSUCCESS.  Last year we took in 100+ sets of retired fireman bunker gear from a big city fire department who didn't want to landfill it.  One of the buyers of that old fireman gear was a fireworks company.  They wear it when for protection when they're blasting off fireworks.  Hey, why buy new when you can buy used, right!?!
repurposedHISTORY:  "Damon: I saw this on TV when I was watching a show on the history of BBQ and thought it might be of interest to you.  'Repurposing' nearly 100 years ago.  The Kingsford Company was formed by Henry Ford and E.G. Kingsford during the early 1920s. Charcoal was developed from Ford Motor Company's factory waste wood scrap.  Read More>>" - Mark in St Louis

REMark, Awesome!  I guess now we can say Mr Ford pioneered two economic endeavors: 1) the Assembly Line, and 2) "repurposing"!

Q:  Do you know of another product, like charcoal, that is made from another waste product?  Email Us>>  

Propane Tanks.   Now in stock...250 gal, 500 gal, & 1,000 gal propane tanks.  L: Denver  Click Here for Pricing>> 


Stainless Steel Grates.  We just took in 750 of these BBQ grill grates.  They are 13 1/2" x 25 1/2".  They come 25 grates per box.  L: Atlanta  Click Here for Pricing>> 

Q: How could you "repurpose" these grates?  Submit Ideas>>

Your Ideas "Use them as bakery cooling racks." - Shirley Evans

"Crawl space ventilation grates, keeps critters out & vent crawl space." - M.S. 

"Those look like they'd make great plant drainers under outdoor potted plants to keep the roots from drowning." - Karen



environmentallyCHALLENGED:  Do you have an industrial property(s) with environmental liabilities that you'd like off your mind or off your books?  If "yes" to either, we're interested in talking to you.  Please, Contact Us>>