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Newsletter - Jan 21, 2016


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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
(Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas and Philadelphia/NJ coming soon)   
Bowling Alley Wood.  L: Atl  Click Here for Wood Pricing>>

repurposedPROJECT: "Patrick (our Chicago manager) attached is a picture of the lockers I built with the 42" X 42" piece of bowling alley wood used as a seat.  Thanks for the help." - Barry Huebner
AUCTION...College Playoff Banners.  Auction Ends Tomorrow  We found some banners we didn't sell from last years game w/ Ohio State and Oregon.  L: Den  Click Here to Bid>>
jobAPPLICANT:  "I am writing to express my interest in your repurposedMATERIALS business and to let you know of my sincere desire to be a part of it.  What I would bring immediately to your company is a long career in architectural design and construction, with an emphasis on creative sales and marketing.  Damon, I know you are crazy busy and don't know me from Adam, but I am certain that I could make an immediate positive impact in your business." - Phil  RE: Please send us your resume for consideration!
newINVESTOR:  "When you go public please let me know the day before! I love the idea!" - Jeff M in Utah  RE: Jeff, when we get ready for our Initial Public Offering, our newsletter readers will be the first to know...LOL!
liquids/POWDERS see all liquids/POWDERS>>
repurposedNEWS.  Our liquids/POWDERS is off to a good start!  In fact, we are quite honored to have had our mission/concept of "repurposing" chemistry featured in last week's edition of Chemical & Engineering News.  Melody, thanks for writing such a great article!  Read Article>>
Oil Soap.  "Damon, I have a customer in Chicago that has 60 totes of a oil soap, namebrand, looking to move. We de-packaged the soap for him a year ago. This oil works well on wood, metal, and another hard surfaces. Would you have any interest?" -Dave  RE: We very well might have interest!

Q:  Do you have "repurpose" ideas of Oil Soap, or would you have interest in a large quantity of this soap?  Contact Us>>
repurposedPRODUCTS - see all PRODUCTS>>
Locations:  (303-321-1471) DenverChicagoAtlantaDallas 
AUCTION...Lead Lined Doors.  L: Den  Click to Bid on Doors>>
AUCTION...Aluminum Swivel Carts.  L: Den  Email for Pricing>>

repurposedCUSTOMER:  We sold a cart last week to a guy in Louisiana that is going to use one of these carts for a handy tool cabinet.  Jim, we appreciate your business!