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Newsletter - Jan 19, 2016


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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
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Q: We had a customer purchase a bunk of the Guardrail Offset Blocks for a really creative "repurpose".  How do you think he is "repurposing" them?  See Answer Below at the End of this Newsletter.  

HINT:  Think about the block's Attributes, Characteristics, and Engineering (*A,C,E).  They are cut to size, they are treated lumber, and they already have a hole drilled in them.  These make them perfect for this "repurpose".

weirdSTUFF...Aluminum Poles.  We just got in 800 aluminum poles that were used as structure in trade show booths.  They are all 5/8" x 29 1/2" and each has a male and female end.  L: Den   Click for Pictures and Pricing>>

repurposedIDEA:  A customer called about the aluminum poles and said they will be using them for their duct cleaning business.  They will attach them together and put “cleaning tools” on the ends to reach into the ducts and ceilings for cleanings.
behind-the-CURTAIN.-  Inc. Magazine columnist and radio personality Eric Holtzclaw did an hour long, live interview with our founder Damon Carson yesterday on his radio show.  For a fun, behind-the-curtain view of repurposedMATERIALS, download and listen on your commute.  Listen/Download>>
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Denver Auction.  Ends this Friday.   Click Here to View Auction Lots>> 
liquids/POWDERS see all liquids/POWDERS>>
Aviation Paint.  "I do have a lot of aviation paint that has reached its shelf life but it is usable in other industries.  I'd like to not have to pay to send this out as hazardous waste.  The paints are PPG and other similar manufacturers. The colors all depends on the airline we are painting for at the time.  They have never been opened and usually in the same original box." - Patrick

Q: #1: Do you have "repurposing" ideas for this expired aviation paint?  Email Ideas>>

Q: #2: Do you have liquids/ chemistry, products, ingredients, etc...that you'd like to keep out of the landfill or not send out for hazardous waste?  Email Details>>
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