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Newsletter - Equipment - March 3, 2016


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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
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Railroad Rail.  L: Den  Click Here for Rail lengths and prices>>

equipmentMAINTENANCE: An excavation contractor recently purchased some rail that he is going to set on his shop floor and then pour concrete up to about a 1/4" from the top of the rail.  The slightly raised rail will keep the heavy tracked equipment he repairs from tearing up his concrete floor.  Brilliant!!!

Q: Like with these RR rails, have you seen other "repurposing" done in conjunction w/ Equipment Maintenance?  
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How We Work.  EMAIL:  "We have a full rink set up of the tempered glass and between approximately 50-60 sections of dasher board..The quicker you can get them out the better deal we can make.  Let me know when you can get them and what you would be willing to offer?"  - Jeremy  STATUS:  Jeremy accepted our cash offer, and we had the equipment removed within days!  Q:  Do you have equipment or machinery you'd like to deal on?  Email Details>>

FOR SALE...Hockey Dashers & Glass.  The system is a 28' radius but is missing approximately 11 straight 8' dasher panels. All of the radius sections are there, as well as an abundance of tempered glass.  If you can be flexible on size and layout, this could be a great buy for your facility.  L: Chi  Email for Pictures & Pricing>> 
Military Cargo Parachutes.  35' and 100' in stock.  L: Den, Chi  ORDER ONLINE>>

warmEQUIPMENT"We use these cargo parachutes up here in Canada to make a portable, temporary heated shelter to work on our heavy equipment.  We drape the parachute over the equip and then put a propane burner under it.  And, it expands like a hot air balloon.  Keeps us nice and toasty!" - Bill in Alberta 

Q: Like with these parachutes, have you seen other "repurposing" done in conjunction w/ Equipment Maintenance?  Submit Ideas>>
yourSUGGESTIONS.  "I’ve attached some images that show the generalized condition of our buoyancy modules used for offshore oil drilling.  They are rather old and in poor condition, and they lack material tractability.  Are you interested in these?" - Bob

Q:  Do you have a byproduct, waste, equipment or inventory that you're wondering if it would be a candidate for "repurposing"?  Email Details>>

RE"These might be used to build up soil, similar to high density Styrofoam blocks." - Matt

RE"could a swim platform be installed on them when positioned horizontally for either residential use or waterpark/recreation businesses?" - Chris Vennix

RE"They could be used for commercial dock flotation, depending on what or how they are made." - Gary Coyer

sameJOB:  "I typically use a heavy duty truck wrecker instead of hiring a crane to save BIG dollars.  While the hourly rate for a big wrecker is about the same as a crane, the minimum number of hours is usually half or more.  So, with the hourly rate difference plus the minimum rental time difference, I'm saving $280 by going with a big semi truck wrecker.  Most people don't know you can even hire a wrecker to do crane work." - Jack Stevens in Alabama  RE: Jack that is so smart and outside-the-box!!!

Q: Anybody else have experience "repurposing" machinery in a non-traditional way like Jack??  
Submit Ideas>>
Temporary Tower.   This tower was made to erect quickly beside big utility towers that have been damaged.  They transfer the power lines on to this tower until they can get the main structure repaired.  L: Atl   If interested, Email for More Details and Pictures>>

*A,C,E (Attributes, Characteristics, Engineering) - This tower is aluminum to keep it light so it can be flown by helicopter into remote locations.  The hinged base allows it to be quickly tilted up on site.  

repurposedSUGGESTION:  "You ought to market this to stunt rigging companies in Hollywood.  They always have needs for crazy things like your tower." - Melissa
Swimming Pool Safety Covers.  What do you need to protect from the sun this summer?  A variety of sizes of mesh pool covers available.  The nice thing about a pool cover is they have 1" webbing on a grid pattern throughout the entire cover.  Click for Sizes and Prices>>

equipmentPRESERVATION: We just had a customer from Alabama order a pool cover to shade his RV.  Better to have UV rays attack a used pool cover than damage an RV worth tens of thousands of dollars.  We appreciate your order, Kelly!