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Newsletter - Equipment - March 24, 2016


March 24, 2016     Please FORWARD to a friend or colleague.     SUBSCRIBE

re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
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repurposedWOOD.  Since the Sweet Sixteen round of March Madness starts today, we thought we would profile two of our recent customers "repurposing" basketball byproducts.  NOTE:  In both of these cases, we are proud to call some of the edgiest designers in the business our customers!
repurposedCUSTOMER #1:  Last week, we sold gym flooring to one of American Eagle Outfitter's cabinet shops.  They are using the gym flooring as table tops for display tables in one of their new concept stores.  Mike, We appreciate your business!  Gym Flooring.  L: Den, Chi  Click Here for Gym Flooring>>
repurposedCUSTOMER #2:  On Tuesday, we sold 9,300' of pine bleacher wood to a modern, upscale youth hostel chain.  They will use the wood as a sports theme in the lobby and use a few of the boards for the bed frames. Their tagline..."the 5 star hotel experience, but with the social atmosphere and pricing of a hostel".  Robert, we appreciate your business!  Gym Bleacher Wood.  L: Atl, Den, Chi  Click Here for Bleacher Wood>>

Cabinet Face Frames.  We just took in a whole semi load of cabinet face frames.  L: Philadelphia  

MAKE OFFERWe'd like to sell all these face frames to one buyer.  We're open to any offers!  Email Offer>>

Q: How could all these face frames be "repurposed"?  Submit Ideas>>
repurposingPROFILE.  Watch this video recounting a story about our kind of guy who saved $30,000+ by "repurposing" old, oak bunk beds for the trim and staircase in a new custom home.  Watch Video>>  (Send us your money-saving, "repurposing" story!)  Your Chance --> Save $$$ with our truckload of Cabinet Face Frames now for sale.  SUBMIT OFFER>>
brownfieldOPPORTUNITY.  We have available 10 acre infill site in the major college town of Lubbock, TX...home of Texas Tech University.  This 10 acre site was an unpermitted landfill back in the 1950's-60's.  The properties on all sides of the 10 acre site have been completely built out.  This property can be bought for $.20 on the $1.  Click Here for more Information>>

repurposedREAL/ESTATE:  Do you have an industrial property(s) with environmental problems?  If so, would you like to sell the property and transfer the liability headaches on to another party?  If "yes" to both, we're interested in talking to you.  Please, Contact Us>>
Air Compressor Drying System.  L: Den  Click for Pictures and Pricing>>
Packaging Equipment.  "We have beverage canning/bottling equipment from a Pepsi Cola plant available immediately." Jeff  This equipment was made by Nigrelli, Alliance stainless conveyors, etc.  L: Den  We have a complete inventory list of what we have for sale.  To receive the list, Email Us>>
Street Sweeper Brushes.  L: Dallas, Den, Atl  Click Here for Brush Prices>>

repurposedPROJECT:  Note red sweeper brush and the happy rhinoceros at the Detroit Zoo.  (Thanks for sending us this photo Liz!)  If a sweeper brush can keep a rhino happy, think how much your animals will love you for getting them a back scratcher!!