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Newsletter - Equipment - March 17, 2016


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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
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equipmentPARTS.  Sometimes it's the parts and pieces of a specialized piece of equipment that is what can be "repurposed".  Here are a few examples.  Q: Can you think of parts of other types of equipment/machinery that can be "repurposed"?  Submit Ideas>>
Train Locomotive Fuel Tanks.  These are 4,500 gal fuel tanks taken off the underbelly of train engines.  

repurposedSMARTS:  "Around here they use the huge underbelly locomotive fuel tanks as the flotation components of barges that they do construction and dredging work off of." Jason in Indiana

NEW...Semi Trailer Flooring.   This is brand new, never installed hardwood trailer flooring imported from Malaysia.  The floor boards are 1" x 12" x 20'-24' w/ ship lap edges.  L: Philadelphia  Click Here for Trailer Wood Pricing>>  (NOTE: We're selling this new flooring much cheaper than the re-claimed trailer flooring that we sell.)

Q: In addition to using it for trailer flooring, of course, how could this wood be "repurposed"?  Submit Ideas>>  
Street Sweeper Brushes.  L: Dallas, Den, Atl  Click Here for Brush Prices>>

repurposedPROJECT:  Note red sweeper brush and the happy rhinoceros at the Detroit Zoo.  (Thanks for sending us this photo Liz!)  If a sweeper brush can keep a rhino happy, think how much your animals will love you for getting them a back scratcher!!

machineryBYPRODUCTS.  "I recently received an email from my weld wire provider that you were inquiring about Steel Skeletons and 'repurposing' them.  What information would be needed?  Ours are currently sent to scrap recycling." - Sonya in Tennessee  RE: Sonya, Yes, we're always looking for new sources of steel skeletons!

Q: Do you have discards, remnants, cut-offs from your manufacturing equipment that would be a candidate for "repurposing"?  Email Details>>
Packaging Equipment.  "We have beverage canning/bottling equipment from a Pepsi Cola plant available immediately." Jeff  This equipment was made by Nigrelli, Alliance stainless conveyors, etc.  L: Den  We have a complete inventory list of what we have for sale.  To receive the list, Email Us>>
Hockey Dashers & Glass.  The system is a 28' radius but is missing approximately 11 straight 8' dasher panels. All of the radius sections are there, as well as an abundance of tempered glass.  If you can be flexible on size and layout, this could be a great buy for your facility.  L: Chi  Click Here for Pictures & Pricing>> 
275 gal Totes.  L: Chi, Atl, Den  Click Here for Tote Pricing>>

repurposedTOOL:  Carl Baldwin in Tennessee "repurposes" a Flower Bulb Auger as a Screw Conveyor to unload chicken feed that he stores in a nice, water tight 275 gal Tote.  Carl, that is a "repurposing" Double Play and darn ingenious, too!!!  (Story courtesy of )

Q: Do you have, or have you seen, an example of a tool being "repurposed"?  Submit Your Idea>>
Hydraulic Oil.  (Chevron Rando HD 68)  Qty 5 - 275 gal Totes  L: Atlanta   Click for Details>>  If you'd like to make an offer on the oil, call Damon @ 303.321.1471 or Email Damon>>

backSTORY: A shipyard in Louisiana changed the kind of hydraulic fluid they inventory.  So, this Chevron product was excess inventory.

Aluminum Swivel Carts.  We have 9 of these for sale.  Watch Video>>  L: Den  Click for Pricing>>

repurposedCUSTOMER:  We sold a cart to a guy in Texas yesterday that is going to use one of these carts to store ammunition at his game ranch.  Leon, we appreciate your business!