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Newsletter December 10, 2015



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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is" to a second, unrelated industry.  LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>


(Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Philadelphia/NJ and Texas coming soon)




Chicago AUCTION...Ends Tomorrow...Parking Lot Fabric.  L: Chi  Click Here for Auction>>

repurposedPROJECT:  A solar farm in Maryland purchased 6,000 Sq Ft of the parking lot fabric for a cheap driving surface.  Al, we appreciate your business!



repurposedMATH.  This is how we do math.  Old Ski Lift Chair + retired Climbing Rope = a "repurposed" Couch.  This is our CEO, Dan Creacy, holding court on our "repurposed" couch.  

repurposedCARTOON.  "Damon, we thought you'd like this 'repurposed' Christmas tree in our Sunday paper." - Traci S   Read Cartoon>>




needHELP.  "I am with a maintenance company at Bush Intercontinental Airportin Houston, TX. Our customer on my contract is United Airlines.  We currently  dispose of our used belting by discarding it in waste dumpsters.  We would be interested in learning how your company works within its 'repurposing' and how it may help to reduce our carbon footprint." Terry

RE:  Terry, thanks for reaching out.  Yes, we can probably help!  Email us details on your belt for review!







Bulk Absorbent.  We took in 60+ super sacks of this absorbent product.  It was abandoned at a freight terminal so we made a deal for it!  Location: Denver  VIDEOWatch Absorbent in Action>>  Contact Us for Pricing and MSDS>>

repurposedIDEA:  "Your absorbent could be for concrete washouts in high humidity or rain impacted areas where it is near impossible to get the washouts to evaporate - solids are much more manageable to dispose properly than liquids." Kim w/Lennar Homes




Chicago AUCTION...Ends Tomorrow...Epoxy Adhesive.  (Bidding starts at just $1 for this adhesive)  L: Chi  Click Here for Auction>>

repurposedIDEA - "Hi Damon – I work with a small town as their engineer.  They have several miles of concrete local streets that are "alligatoring".  This epoxy might be a solution." - Dan


Locations:  (303-321-1471) DenverChicagoAtlanta
Bowling Alley Wood.  We finally got in more bowling alley wood.  L: Atl  Click Here to See Details and Prices>>

repurposedPROJECT:  "Check out our project with Bowling Alley Wood (the bar is bowling alley wood) at the Lulu & Po Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY." - Sanjive Vaidya
Chicago AUCTION...Ends Tomorrow...Burlap Sacks.  Bale of 1,000 plain sacks.  (Bidding starts at just $1 for the whole bale)  L: Chi  Click Here for Auction>>
Conveyor Belt Trimmings.   Trimmings are 2"-8" wide strips of conveyor belting!   Click here for Sizes and Pricing>>

repurposedPROJECT:  "Hey, those strips of conveyor belting work awesome on the bottom of our snow plow blades.  You saved us a ton of money, too.  As a church camp, we can't ever save enough money!"  - Marcus Rawls with
SURPLUS...Bulk Bags.  We have new, unused bulk bags!!!  Bundle Pricing for Bulk Bags>>

repurposedPROJECT:  "We use your bulk bags to fill with construction debris on the upper stories of our apartment complexes.  We then crane the sacks full of rubbish right into the dumpster.  Works great!" Scott O. in Utah
SURPLUS...Billboard Vinyl Rolls.  Click Here to see Prices & Inventory>>

backSTORY:  We have 3 large rolls of virgin, billboard on one side and white on the other...for sale.  16' wide x 400'+ long.  These are the "drops" or "remnant" rolls leftover from the manufacturing process.

"We're very pleased with the performance of our billboard vinyls as pond liners.  Keep up your great efforts repurposedMATERIALS.  Gluing the billboards together with that HH-66 Vinyl Cement you recommended worked well.  We just situated one billboard in the empty pond.  Spread some glue on the edges and then overlapped a second billboard and so on until we got our finished size." - Barb Adams in Washington 




Chicago On Line -Auction - ENDS TOMORROW - Fri, Dec 11th @ 3pm CST
T_4915255D.JPG Street Sweeper Brush...READ MORE OR BID>>
T_5015295.JPG Open Top Drums...READ MORE OR BID>>



WANTED:  Do you have any type of bulk food, pharmaceutical, etc...that are out-of-date, out-of-spec, or otherwise obsolete that you want to keep out of the landfill?  Contact Us with Details>>
repurposed REAL ESTATE:  Do you have an industrial property(s) with environmental problems?  If so, would you like to sell the property and transfer the liability headaches on to another party?  If "yes" to both, we're interested in talking to you.  Please, Contact Us>>




repurposedSAVINGS.  Damon was a featured speaker this week at theChristian Camp Association meetings in Phoenix.  His presentation focused on how organizations can strettttcccchhh their budgets by "repurposing" used materials.  NOTE:  If you're looking to improve your profit/loss statement, "repurposing" can save you $1,000s!




repurposedCHRISTMAS/TREE "Merry Christmas - one and all !!!!" - T & W 


landfillDIVERSION "Damon, I am following up in your interest to identify opportunities for Bell Helicopter.  Each month we process a list of expired and surplus items.  Are you interested in reviewing this list for opportunities to purchase any of the material?" - Jen  RE: Jen, yes, please send the list.  We'll review to see what might be a candidate for "repurposing"!

Q: Like Jen, do you have surplus, obsolete products or waste that might be a candidate for "repurposing"?  If yes, we'd love to see your list.  
Contact Us>>


waste/basedBUSINESS.   repurposedMATERIALS is actively seeking opportunities to acquire, partner, or joint venture with companies that have unique, durable niches within the re-use, re-manufacturing, re-blending, removal, marketplace.  Contact Us>>



* A.C.E.  This acronym stands for AttributesCharacteristicsEngineering.  We use this acronym to tell you a little about a used material and what qualities it has in hopes that someone can find a "repurpose" for it.  Asked another way...what did the material do in it's 1st life that might help identify a very different, 2nd life for it?


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