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Newsletter Dec 19 2016

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re·pur·posed·MA·TE·RI·ALS (noun) - byproducts and waste that have value "as is"to a second, unrelated industry. LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>
In this Edition… Denver | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Philadelphia
1" Double Pane Glass. BEFORE: We got in two truckloads...80,000 lbs...of 1", double pane, smoked glass that was made the wrong size for a huge project. They were going to landfill it all until they reached out to us. STATUS: We have sold most of it. We still have 5 crates of 32 sheets of 38 7/16” x 22” x 1”L: Dallas Click Glass Sizes and Pricing>>

Do you have obsolete glass, or any other materials for that matter, you'd like to see "repurposed"? If yes, Contact Us>>
Insulated Roof Pavers. This a pretty unique waste stream. This is a 2" thick piece of Dow insulation board with a 1/2" of concrete adhered to it to form an insulated paver.(Ask about truckload pricing!) L: Atlanta, Philadelphia Click Here for Pricing>> 

* A,C,E 
- Insulated, Tongue & Groove Edges, Lightweight Concrete

Q: How could these insulated concrete panels be "repurposed"? Submit ideas>>

christmasTOURS: Are you visiting any of our branch cities for Christmas...Atlanta,ChicagoDallasDenver, or Philadelphia? We'd love to have you &/or your family come out for a tour. We're open all this week and Tuesday-Friday the week of Dec 26th in all locations and the same for the week of Jan 2nd!
275 gal & 330 gal Totes. Lots of food grade totes. Ask about truckload quantity pricing. L: Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia Click Here for Tote Prices>>

repurposedSPY: "On a recent episode of the cable show 'Moonshiners', two of the guys buried 2 of these same totes in the ground to store and hide their batch of moonshine. Great idea! Great website. I always look forward to what you get next."Steve
repurposedEQUIPMENT. Retrofitting an old passenger jet for a new "repurposed" fighting. We love all "repurposing"! Oh, and if you love airplanes watch this 60 second video of a DC-10 slurry drop...exhilarating! Watch Video>>

Q: Like with the DC-10, what other equipment have you seen "repurposed"? Email Ideas>>

mediaCOVERAGE. Demolition magazine included a nice article about "repurposing" in their most recent issue. Most demolition contractors first option is recycling. It is nice that their industry is starting to recognize that re-use/"repurposing" is a Higher & Better Use of the materials coming off these projects! READ ARTICLE>> 

Q: Do you have a demolition project now, or upcoming, where you'll have materials that would be a candidate for "repurposing"? 

Fire Hose. A mixed pallet of 9,000' of 1" and 1 1/2" fire hose for just $995 including delivery. Demolition contractors have bought a lot of these pallets of cheap fire hose for dust suppression on their projects! 
Click for More Details>>
Multi Surface Sealer. We have 800+ gallons of the super concentrated sealerZycosilL: Denver Click Here for Product Details>> 

repurposedAPPLICATION"We have a lot of square footage at our parrot rescue and the concrete needs to be sealed per PACFA (Pet Animal Care Facilities Act) rules but it also makes it a lot easier to clean when sealed." - Chrissy

QDo you have unspent dollars left in your 2016 budget that needs to be spent? If yes, why not spend them buying used materials and equipment. Buying used makes sense both Environmentally and Economically.
repurposedPRODUCTS see all PRODUCTS>>
Locations: (303-321-1471) DenverChicagoAtlantaDallasPhiladelphia
Used Climbing Rope. Finally, we’ve got more climbing rope in. These retired ropes primarily come out of climbing gyms so they haven’t rec’d much, if any, exposure to the outdoors. WARNING: These ropes are NOT to be re-used for any life supporting purposes! Order Online>>
55 gal Drums w/ Lids. We have several more truckloads of used barrels. L: Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas Email Us for Truckload Pricing>>

repurposedINQUIRY. "I am looking to purchase steel drums to ship waste powder from our operations. The drums must have lids and not leak." - Jim NOTE: Like Jim's inquiry demonstrates, probably our #1 buyer of open top barrels is companies that need to ship various kinds of waste and byproducts.

Particle Board Sheets. Selling whole truckload only! 3/4" x 42" x 96". 1,700 sheets available on 3 truckloads. L: Philadelphia Email Us for Plywood Pricing>>

Bridge Crane. We just did a deal with a major defense contractor for this large overhead crane. The crane was made by Royce Crane Co. L: Dallas If you're interested in more details and detailed drawings of the crane, Contact Us>>

Q: Do you have surplus, idle, obsolete equipment you'd like to deal on? 
Send Details>>
Ski Lift Cable. We just got in 10,000' of used ski lift cable yesterday. This is 1 1/2" steel cable. L: Denver Email for More Details>> 

NOTE: This ski resort could have sent this cable to a scrap metal recycler. But, they knew "repurposing" the cable was a higher and better use option for the environment and their sustainability goals than simply sending this cable off to be melted.

Gym Floor...1-yr-old. This is an 8,800 Sq Ft gym floor that is just 1 year old. It hasn't even had it's 1st birthday, yet...LOL! L: Atlanta. Click for Sizes and Prices>>

repurposedPROJECT: This is an in process photo, below, and an after from one of customer's who purchased a used floor and re-installed it at his facility in Arkansas.Jay, we appreciate both your business and your photos!
Former Prison Facility. BEFORE"We have 60,000 square feet former prison facility that we'd like to find a buyer or tenant who will 'repurpose' it. It has 8" thick concrete walls, floor, and ceiling. A 4" water tap. It has a generator for backup power. It is 1 hour from an international airport." - Nick RE: Nick, indeed this real estate has some interesting Attributes, Characteristics, and Engineering (A,C,E)STATUS: We made Nick an offer to purchase the facility, and we're under contract to purchase the facility in the next couple of weeks. We will than have the facility for sale or lease. L: Colorado Email for Property Details>> 

Your Ideas"Perhaps turn the facilities into a major refrigerated food warehouse! Given the thickness of the walls and ceiling, one could perhaps use as is (or maybe add glued on styrofoam panels for added insulation) to each of the cells (leaving each open...of course. An entire area can be refrigerated or - with added equipment - brought down to freezing temps." - Ken Arnold 

"Films studios are always looking for unique properties to refer to other filmmakers to use as film sets. Such TV shows as The Walking Dead had to actually build whole sets that looked like a prison for a whole season. The site could be rented by the day week month year to film studios and filmmakers." - Christos

"Some old prisons are leased out to haunted house companies during the Halloween season." - Jacob

Q: Do you have property for sale that would be a candidate for "repurposing"? If so, we're interested! Contact Us>>

Wheel Washer. We just did a deal for this large wheel washer. This piece of equipment is designed to wash the mud off of trucks exiting dirt roads prior to driving on paved roads. Mines, quarries, and excavation contractors are common users of this type of equipment. L: Denver Email for More Details>> 
BEFORE"We have two Wallco 5’ roller coaters for painting plywood and accompanying Cincinnati Electro Jet Dryers that we don't use anymore. You interested?" - Alan AFTERAlan accepted our offer, and we now have the units for sale! 

Wall Coaters & Dryers. OEM - L: Atlanta Email for Info & Prices>>

Company Q & A: Q"What is the biggest roll of conveyor belting that you have had for sale?" Billy Adams A: Well, this 54" x 1,446' might be the biggest. It stands 9 1/2' tall and weighs over 20,000 lbs. (NOTE: In the pictures below, that is the roll standing beside a standard 8' shipping container.)

Q: Do you have question about our materials, business, or our mission/concept of "repurposing"? Ask Damon>> 

Conveyor Belting. L: Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta Click for Inventory & Pricing>>

Our Customers. Cool one here - We sold three pieces of Gym Floor to Zach who works in the corporate office at Carhartt. Big, big clothing retailer as I’m sure you know. He came across our website while looking for ways to “repurpose” wood into an office desk. So three employees in the corporate building will be using our wood to make desks. Pretty cool! Zach, We appreciate your business!

Gym Flooring. L: Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas Click for Gym Flooring>>
waste/basedBUSINESS. repurposedMATERIALS is actively seeking opportunities to acquire, partner, or joint venture with companies that have unique, durable niches within the re-use, re-manufacturing, re-blending, removal, marketplace. Contact Us>>
* A.C.E. This acronym stands for AttributesCharacteristicsEngineering. We use this acronym to tell you a little about a used material and what qualities it has in hopes that someone can find a "repurpose" for it. Asked another way...what did the material do in its 1st life that might help identify a very different, 2nd life for it?

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